Don't Take This the Wrong Way ( A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction)

Alex Rodes, a 19 year old girl who meets Zayn Malik in a local park. They start dating, and Harry as feelings for her. Harry made a mistake and kissed her. Alex gets mixed feelings, but obviously chooses Zayn. They have there ups and downs, but what happens in the end? Find out by reading Don't Take This the Wrong Way.


18. Chapter 18

Alex's P.O.V.


I woke up and looked at the time. Crap! It's nine. Eleanor is picking me up at ten. I quickly get out of bed, and go to my closet. I quickly put on jeans, combat boots, and a strapless purple top that is cut low in the back. I come out of the bathroom with my clothes, makeup, and hair done. Zayn is sitting on the bed and he looks at me. 

"When did you get that top?"


"Start wearing it a lot," I laugh and sit next to him. I wrap my arms around his waist. "What's this for?"

"Today is technically our last day together,"

"Yeah. I'll miss you,"

"I'll miss you too," I give him a kiss and head towards the door.

"Where are you going?"

"Eleanor is picking me up in a little bit. We're getting breakfast, then we are getting our hair, nails, and makeup done for tonight. Which reminds me, I have to take my dress. I'm getting ready at her house," I go to the closet and grab the bag my dress is in.

"Can I see your dress,"

"Yeah. When it's on me," I smile at him and head downstairs. My purse is on the couch and I grab it. Let's see what's inside. Gum pack, wallet, cell phone, iPod, and another gum pack. I grab my cell phone charger and throw it in there. There is a knock at hte door and I answer. 


"Eleanor!" she gives me a hug. "Come in," she walks in and Louis runs in. He picks her up and throws her over his shoulder. I just stand there laughing, when someone does the same thing to me. I look and see Zayn.

"Zayn! Stop!" Louis and Zayn look at each other and nod. 

"I think they planned this!" Eleanor yells at me.

"They probably did!" Zayn and Louis spin around. They run around the house with us over their shoulders. They finally set us down and Eleanor and I are so dizzy. We are both literally holding on to each other. They boys are literally on the floor laughing. They finally calm down and stand up. I just push Zayn to the floor again. I look at him and smile.

"Well Eleanor, we should probably get going," i tell her.

"Yeah. Let;s go," We run to the living room and grab our purses off the couch and leave. 

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