My Perfect Valentine's Day Everyday (1shot41D)

it started with Valentine's day then everyday day they were together, like everyday was Valentine's day for the two of them..and it seems that the fans think they're perfect for each other...but why??


1. Perfect Blind Date Ever!!!

Haley was bored out of her mind waiting for time to pass her friend Julia got her a blind date with some Louis guy, she was listening to One Direction her favorite boy band of the year. She wasn't like the other girls that got poster of them everywhere  in their room or nearly faint when they heard them sing, she just loved their songs like no one else specially 'Little Things' it was her favorite of them all. She still couldn't believe she said yes to go on a date on Valentine's day with some stranger that her friend met, but she got ready anyway she wanted to know how much she would be disappointed at her friend this time.


As she got out of the shower she picked up her dress she bought the other day that would got perfect with her vans. As soon as she finished her make up she heard the door open "Great to know you knock before you walk in my room Julia" "yea yeah whatever, you ready?" She looked beautiful in her dress and high heels, she looked up and down and said "you would look more hot in high heels but whatever you still look hot" "yeah yeah whatever you too" they went down stairs to find Lyssander and a guy with his back turned to them talking. whe he saw Lyssander staring he turned around and Haley nearly fell if it wasn't for Louis to catch her just in time "you ok there love?" "Yeah thank you" she was blushing but no one could blame her, it was no ordinary guy it was Louis fudgecake Tomlinson himself.


He waited for a second but she never fangirled on him he smiled Julia smiled real big and said "Damn Lyss when you said you were hooking up a friend with Haley I wasn't thinking it would be someone famous" "Please I'm just like any other guy, only difference is that I'm in One Direction. No famous treatment for me" Louis flashed a smile at everyone but the most charmed was Haley.


At dinner Haley and Louis had a table just for themselves, so they could get to know each other. Haley got Spaghetti with a carrot salad "you like carrots?" "Love them, and bunnies" Haley said smiling beautifully to him he looked shocked at her and said "I like0 them too, and girls that eat carrots" Haley blushed and smiled once more.


After dinner Haley and Louis went for a little walk to finish they get to know each other thingy, "I had a really good time tonight and probably will hear the lads talk at how much they're proud I went on a date" "Yeah i had a good time too" they stopped walking and looked at each other and when they were about to kiss each other Julia and Lyssander came to get them so they could leave. Louis dropped Lyssander and Julia since his house was just a block away from Haley's.


When they got at her door Haley gave Louis his jacket back "thank you for the wonderfull night Louis" "no thank you love, maybe you know if you want I can get you to meet the boys and get a second date" Louis said smiling at her, again for the thousand time she blushed "that would be great, good night Louis" "night beautiful" Louis said kissing her cheek before turning to leave.


She couldn't deny it, it was the most amazing date ever. She needed to remind herself to thank both Julia and Lyssander for the blind date they got her. she changed into her pj's and went to sleep smiling from ear to ear. She just had a date of her dreams and not because it was Louis Tomlinson or that he was famous, but because she had and amazing night without even trying. Because not only she was herself around him, he too was himself ad they didn't talk about he being in the band they talked about themselves and how Louis was happy he was living his dream.

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