Loving Love

FOR THE 1SHOT41D CONTEST!!!! Max and Jasmine where just walking on the beach when they ran in to who other than One Direction's Louis and Niall. What will happen on this romantic setting??


1. On the beach

"JASMINE!!! GIVE IT BACK!!!" I yelled as Jasmine's long black hair whipped in the wind as she ran with my scarf down the beach. 

"NEVER!!!" she yelled back to me as we ran down the beach as the cold sand squished between our toes.

"STOP!!!! I- CAN'T-RUN- ANYMORE!!!" I yell as I stop and clutch at the stitch in my side and bend over as Jasmine walks over to me.

"Y'all right there?" Jasmine asked walking up to me and I just leaned forward so my long dark hair hung in a curtain covering my face.

"Yep," I said then grabbed my scarf dangling loosely by her side, "right after this!!" I say and run down the beach laughing as she chased me and I run until I hit accidentally ran in to something, or better yet, someone that knocked me to the ground.

"Oh my gosh!! I'm SOO sorry!!" Jasmine apologized as I shook my head to clear it. I suddenly felt strong arms lift me up off the ground and I swayed slightly as I was put up right.

"It's alright, but are you ok love?" someone chuckles from behind me and I turn to see Louis and Niall from One Direction. Yes I'm a fan, No I don't know EVERYTHING about them but yes I nearly passed out.

"Ye-ya..." I answer straightening up as they awkwardly stand there. Louis and Niall just chuckled as we stood their awkwardly.

"So why are you to alone on Valentines?" Niall asked Jasmine and I just looked at them in the dimming light.

"Well since neither of us have someone to spend it with today we thought that we should take a walk on the beach." Jasmine said as I nodded. 

"Well then mind if we join you..." Louis asked and I smiled.

"Sure, I'm Max and this is Jasmine." I said as Niall went and walked by Jasmine leaving me and Louis in front to talk, and I have to admit it was quite awkward.

"Well I'm Jennifer!!" Louis said and I laughed breaking the uncomfortable silence. "Just kidding love, I'm Louis not that you didn't know that." I smiled and looked down.

"Ya, I knew." I say quietly as I hear Niall and Jasmine giggle and then Ii hear Niall talk.

"The water looks great!!" I heard Jasmine squeal and a splash as she hit the water. I'm laughing at her until I feel arms wrap around my body.

"Time for a dip!!" Louis laughed in my ear as he threw me into the water then jumped in after. Laughing I splashed over to him. I waded over to him. My hair was wet and tangled as was his. He saw me and smiled and walked over and pulled me into one of the those tight embraces that makes you feel special and wanted and made the butterfly's in my tummy swoon.

"Guess this was a good Valentine's day after all..." Louis said and lent down and kissed me as the fireworks went off. I guess he was right.

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