Living a Dream (1D fanfic)

Faith Maxwell has long brown hair, honey eyes and has been riding horses all her life, right now shws on her way to the world championships in France. but what happens when she falls for her enemy.....will she continue her dream or will she stay and be with the one she loves.

Also in this Movella OneDirection is not famous.


2. The Arrival

Faith's P.O.V


As we got off the plane we saw a man holding a sign saying 'Faith Maxwell' we guessed that was for us, we walked over to the man and he lead us to a large taxi the drive there was full of excitment. "Faith, Summer i was on the phone with Carol and she said she had a big surprise for the both of you" i looked at Summer, we both had a confused look.


2 hours later ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


"LOOK" i pointed to a large farm, "yay where here" summer screamed back. we both jumped out of the taxi and ran over to my Aunt, who was waiting at the front for us, we both tackled her, "hey its good to see you too" she giggled, my Aunt wasnt that much older than us so it was always easier to talk to her. "i have missed you so so much" me and Summer both pulled away. "so what was our surprise??" Summer had asked and as retarted as i am i just stood there smiling and nodding. "i will show you, go get your luggage" she orded us, we both ran back to the taxi where Zoe was paying the driver.

we where carring our luggage behind my Aunt, once we got to her house she opened the door and held it open for us, as we carried our giant suitcases in we both dropped them and screamed so loud i swear the horses ran off, but we where so excited right there infont of us was our bestest friend, "EMILY" we both screamed, we ran over to her and hugged her. Emily had slightly curly dusty blond hair that sat about 4 1/2 inches below her shoulders, she was 5'7 high just like me and Summer, we are so pperfect for each other. "omg i am so happy to see you" we pulled away from her. "me too, but i thought you where living in Canada" i looked at Summer with the same expression, "i was but then my dad had a buisness trip and he didnt want to leave me there by myself so i came here to stay with Carol" Emily explained. "im just so happy your here" me and Summer both said.

"Emily" we turned to see Zoe astonished, she walked over and gave Emily the biggest hug ever, they where really close. "when did you get here and how" we all had sat down in the lounge which was huge there where pictures every where of horses, Carol's house was very country, which is why i loved her. "my dad had a buisness trip so i chose to stay her" we all smiled. "anyway Emily how have you been??" Summer asked her, "well i have a boyfriend" she smiled "Ooooooo who is it", i said in a childish way. "well if you have to know" she giggled "his name is Liam he is 19, he is charming, loving, caring, and we have been going out for almost a year" i was shocked, a year why didnt she tell us, i opened my mouth only for it to be closed, "A YEAR" Summer burst out, "why didnt you tell us" she looked like she was gonna cry, "im sorry i tried to get in contact with you i really did, im sorry" we smiled and burst out with laughter "Emily where not angry we where shocked, we love you and where just worried about you" i giggeld, she let out a big breath, "thats good well actually, us and a few of his mates are going out tonight, do you wanna come" me and Summer looked at eachother for a moment, "well i guess i mean like HELL YEA" Summer yelled "i mean if its alright with Zoe" we both turned to Zoe with our best Puppy faces, "well i dunno, we have alot of training" Zoe said with a stern face. "awwwwwwww please" all three of us said. "well alright, i guess it will give me and Carol some time to catch up" all threee of us leaped out of our seats and danced around screaming like a bunch of retards, (well we are retards but you get the point).

"before we get ready im gonna say hello to my angels" i walked outta the house and over to a large paddock. I slowly opened the gate and walked around to try and find Willow and Aspen. suddennly i felt a nudge on my back, i quickly spin around to see Aspen. "Aspen, i have missed you so much" i hugged him, i pulled away and stoked his crest. "wheres Willow" i gently asked him, he leant down, i walked over to his back and climbed on, he slowly stood back up and started galloping, he stopped at a near by lake where there was other horses and then i saw Willow, as Aspen slowed down i jumpped off his back and walked towards her. "willow my baby i haved missed you so much" i patted her as she sniffed my other hand. i looked over and saw Aspen on the other side of the lake, i wa confused how did he get over there, i looked there was just a river and it was way too deap for Aspen to cross. i opened my mouth to call him back over, when i saw a pure white horse come out of the trees, they nuzled each other, i smiled, i already know what breed of horse it was, she was a Hungarian Warmblood horse. i watched as they groomed each other. and at that split moment my smile turned upside down, a boy emerged from the bushes he had blond hair, dreamy blue eyes and i knew who he was, Niall my high school enemy he made my life misserable, i was so angry and when i saw him pat Aspen i just snapped.

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY HORSE"  i suddenly saw how Aspen got over there, there was a large tree in the middle of the water, i ran across it, as i saw the Niall jump. i ran over to Aspen leading him backwards. "dont ever go near Aspen again" i yelled at him. "Faith, Faith Maxwell" he sounded shocked, "yea thats me, the girl you bullied through High School now stay away from Aspen, and if i see you touch him again i will murder you" i turned leading Aspen away. "wait im sorry for what i did in High school" i glared at him, "just drop it, i dont ever want to see you again, you hear me" i was half way across the tree with Aspen following me. "FINE" i heard him yell, i looked back seeing he was leading that other horse away, when i got over the other side i got a message from Emily to come back.

when i got back i was still pissed, "h.....Faith are you okay" Emily walked up to me with Summer close behind "yeah just my worst nightmare came too life" they both where confused, "uhg nevermind lets just get ready" i put on a fake smile as we walked upstairs to our room.

It was 6.30pm we where supposed to meet the boys at 7.30pm, and supprisanly we havnt even started to get ready. "but i wanna know where we are going, so i know what to wear" we where all arguing. "alright enough i will text Liam asking where we are going" we stood there silient while Emily texted away, "well" Summer asked flipping her hands every where. "we are going to a club" i smiled i have always loved clubbing, we all rushed to our suitcases, and started unpacking, trying to find the perfect peice of clothing we had.

We all where dressed, i was wear a silk dress, it was blue with belt around just above my waist and a below there where layers all different heights, it was about 4-5 inches above my knees. Summer had worn a red strapless dress that was a bit shorter than mine, her dress was straight and had a really kool pattern at the top, and Emily wore a purple strpless dress, that was all frilly at the bottom and had diamonds right at the top.

Once we where satisfied with our clothing, we started to do our makeup and hair, we all had the same makeup on but e each had a different colours. "Summer could you do my hair" i asked knowing that Summer was an amazing styliest. "absolutly" she smiled and walked over to me, while summer did her own hair. "all done" i got up and in the mirror my hair was curled that slightly straightend thend put up in a bun with my side fringe down. "its absolutly beautiful" i turned and hugged her, "okay i have to do my hair now" she walked back into the bathroom. "how do i look" i turned and saw Emily with her hair curled she had it half up, half down with a diamond flower clip holding it up. "omg you look.....Beautiful" i was speechless she was so pretty, "are those real diamonds" i sked pointing to her hair clip, "oh these yea some of them" she walked over and sat on her bed, "where did you get it" i asked moving next to her, "oh well actually Liam gave it to me for our 8 month anniversary" "awwwww thats so sweet" i hugged her, "okay when are we going" Summer came out with her hair straight with loose curls at the bottom. "we are leaving in 10mins" i smiled "i cant wait i havnt been to a club for ages" Summer announced, "we will have a blast and well i really cant wait either". we all smiled and giggled, i have the greatest life in the world.


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