Living a Dream (1D fanfic)

Faith Maxwell has long brown hair, honey eyes and has been riding horses all her life, right now shws on her way to the world championships in France. but what happens when she falls for her enemy.....will she continue her dream or will she stay and be with the one she loves.

Also in this Movella OneDirection is not famous.


1. Where it all begins.

Faith P.O.V

"Faith, your gonna be late" i heard my mother yell to be honest i wasnt listning. "in 2 hours i will be boarding a plane to France, to compete in the equestrian world championships" i whispered loudly. "Faith hurry up" my mother yelled again. i grabbed my luggage and carried downstairs where my 2 brothers Gorge and Riley my mum and Summer (my best friend in the whole world, she was practicly a sister to me) where waiting for me. Summer come over and hugged me "im so proud of you" she pulled away, i smiled at her, then my mum practicly leaped on me, "good luck sweetie" when my mum walked back over to summer i felt like i was being lifted in the air, and only to realise i was being carried and spun around by my two brothers. we laughed as they put me down. i was gonna miss them, yes sadly my family wasnt aloud to come, but we agrred that Summer would stay with me.

we said good bye and hoped into Summers car, mum came aswell. The whole ride there was pretty silent we had a few small talks but that was it.

we pulled up to the airport, i saw my coach, but when where not training we just call her Zoe.

i was about to run her direction when i was flown backwards, i stopped and turned around to see mum almost crying, "mum dont cry its only a couple months" i reassured her, she looked down, i pulled her into a hug "mum i will be fine" i pulled away as i watched her wipe away a tear, "i know you'll be ok j just i..i" she was having trouble speaking, "i know i will miss you too" i finnished. Zoe came over and told me and Summer we had to go. i gave my mum one last hug and walked off with Zoe and Summer. Just before i got on the plane i waved good bye to mum.

I sat down on the window side with Summer next to me and Zoe infont of us. i was about to drift off when Summer practicly yelled at me. "OMG OMG were gonna see Willow and Aspen" my ears really hurt "you only just realised". Willow was my Shetland pony she was a cameral colour with hazel eyes and Aspen was my Thoroughbred horse i would be riding him for the race, Aspen was a chocolate colour with brown eyes, i loved them i have spent 5 years with Aspen and 4 with Willow. when we moved to America i wasnt aloud to keep them with me, so they lived with my Aunt Carol which is where we will be staying, my Aunt lives on a huge farm in the country she has 7 other horses besides mine, Willow was the only pony but my Aunt said she was doing fine, i slowly dozzed off thinking about Aspen and Willow.



hey guys this is my second Movella i hope you like it, and also dont forget to check out my other Movella. for this fanfic i need someone to be Harry's and Liam's girlfriends so if you would like to be one of them please leave your:



Hair colour:


and who you want to date.

Thankyou.  Best Regards Miki.



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