That's My Turtle Lover

This is a short story I wrote to enter for the 1SHOT41D Hope you all enjoy it!(: Likes, Comments and Favorited are appreciated very much! Enjoy! ^-^ <3


1. That's My Turtle Lover <3

Love. Love is a four lettered word that can bring many mixed emotions and feelings. It can either cause so much suffering and pain, or bring passion and sweetness into your life. In my case, it's pain. Everyday I see his face, his smile, but most of all his gorgeous brown eyes. Those gorgeous brown eyes are hat mostly cause the butterflies in my stomach. Wait. Butterflies? Who am I kidding, he causes more like tigers of emotions trying to come out in words. Yeah, that's it. If only he felt the same way; If only his heart belonged to me, If only...

"Hello? Jessica? Jessica!"

I felt a nudge on my shoulder. When I turned, there he was. Standing, tall and handsome, looking better than ever. He looked very gorgeous as he stood there chuckling and looking at me.

Jessica: "Huh? Oh! Hi Liam! Need anything?" 
Liam: "Well you've been standing there for quite a while staring into space, I was becoming worried. Oh! One more thing, your dad called and said he wasn't feeling well. He told me to tell you that recording for today has been cancelled. I was wondering if um.... you wanted to go somewhere? With me?"

As soon as those words came out of his lips, my heart began racing. I kind of blushed in excitement.

J: "Ehmm...Sure!"

He smiled kindly as he lead me out of the studio room. After a bit, he reached out for my hand and held it. It was awkward with him holding my small hand compared to his. It was warm and soft, just how I imagined. The rest of the boys were off to; they all have sectional recordings and I'm extremely lucky I got the chance to work with the boy I admire and adore.

J: "Where are we going to?"

I broke the silence that was being carried with us.

L: "Maybe, I don't know.... the Riverwalk?"

My eyes lit up staring back at his beautiful ones. I've always wanted to go to the Riverwalk with someone! Not just someone, but Liam. I nodded and he held my hand tighter. Once we got into the car I was kind of shocked how he randomly asked me to go somewhere with him. It's probably because my dad has companies around the world. I smiled to myself as he began to drive.

L: "I'm feeling sexy and free!"

He sang along to Jessie J's song Domino. I laughed as he encouraged me to sing along. I was really enjoying the drive there. Then and Ed Sheeran song came out, I went nuts! Ed Sheeran was one of my favorite singers.

L: "You must really love Ed."
J: "Yeah! But not as much as I love you..."
L: " What was that love?"
J: "Uh... I said um... not as much as I love kung fu! Yeah! Kung Fu!

He gave me a really awkward expression. What did I just say! I feel so stupid. The music kept playing, and Liam kept dancing along. Who knew he could be this fun when he's not working? I have to admit, Liam is one of the biggest crushes I have had in the entire universe! I swear. His adorableness strikes me in my poor loving heart. We parked a few feet away from the sidewalk.

"Hold up" he said before jogging over to my side of the car.

He held his hand out towards me, and lead me out of the car. What a gentleman he was.

J: "Thanks"

A small breeze went by and messed up my hair. Liam removed the strands of hair that covered my face. I became very nervous that he was so close to me and turned bright pink. The was a very beautiful one. The sun was barely beginning to set and what made it even better and perfect was the hint of the wind. He looked up at me and bit his bottom lip.

J: "Look it's One Direction!" I teased as 5 beautiful geese strolled along the water.

He chuckled lightly.

J: "Look over there Liam!" I pointed at a pond.

We walked over to it and saw what we least expected. Turtles! Cute bay turtles! I sat on a nearby rock, close enough to Liam. I couldn't believe it. Me, Jessica, here sitting next to Liam and playing with turtles. If only I could tell him how I felt. No, I can't ruin the moment. Our little turtle adventure ended when the turtles swam away. Liam decided to go over and sit under a nearby oak tree. I was startled by Liam poking my cheek. That's it! He declared a poke war! I began to poke him and we went at it for a while.

L: "Your laugh is one of the cutest ones I've heard!"

J: "Oh Liam stop!"

I blushed and Didn't know what to say.

J: "Isn't the sunset beautiful Liam?"

I almost leaned on his shoulder but stopped.

L: "Not as beautiful as you..." he mumbled under his breath.
J: "Excuse me? What was that?"

He blushed and smiled widely.

L: "You heard me!" He began giggling.
J: "I didn't! " I lied.

He held both of my hands and faced me.

L: " I said, not as beautiful as you."

I looked straight at him. I couldn't believe what he just said!

L: "I've been wanting to tell you this for the longest!"

He took a deep breath and then said:

"Will you be my Valentine?"

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