Tickets changed my life

Jessica was a huge fan of one direction but most people in her school didn't like one direction. Jessica had won tickets to go backstage and see the boys and got front row tickets to their Take Me Home tour. Then can Jessica's world completely change?


3. So close to the day.

So so so so so so so so sorry for not updating!!
I'm really busy!
I'll try updating sooner!
I try at least two times a week! No promises though! Maybe more that two times!
Thanks for the 45 reads!
I was honestly expecting no more than 10 reads!

So now to the story!


It's tomorrow.

The day of the drawing of the contest.

Like I'll win though.
I get millions, yes MILLIONS, of girls entered!

I was hoping I would win, but I doubt it.
If I win I wouldn't be happier in life!
If I win.


"Jessica," my mom ripped me out of my thoughts
"are you ready for school?"

I have school today? I thought it as Sunday.
Or was Sunday yesterday?
I guess it was.

"Yeah, give me a minute!" I lie to her

I was still in my pajamas lying in bed.
Quickly I got out of bed and found one of my plaid shirts.
I threw it up over my tank top I was wearing.

I found a pair of jeggings and pulled them on.
I thought I was ready when...
My hair!
I'm not one of those girls who take like 45 minutes on my hair.

But my hair was a rat nest!
I didn't have time to find a brush so I threw it up in a messy bun.
Messy bun. Messy hair.
It looked fine.

"Jessica." My mom started.
"I'm ready!" I interrupt while running to the car.
My mom handed me the keys before sprinting to the car.

I speed over to the school.
Made it just in time. Good.

I was walking into the school and I spotted my best friend.
One of my only friends.
The thing was not many people like me.

Olivia is my best friend.
She was one of the only other people that loves one direction in my school.

Or al least i didn't think people like one direction.
A lot of times peoe make fun of me for liking them. So I didn't think that they like one direction if they didnt like me for liking one direction.

My only other friends were Rose, a girl who got bullied for her looks a lot.
And Brianna. Brianna was amazing.
Or should I say amaZAYN!!
Brianna was so sweet and caring. But is shy. That's why we started hanging out.
She is shy and me and Olivia are directioners and no one else was, I thought.
An Rose, she is beautiful and people call her fat, ugly, and a lot of other things to.

So I started walking over to Olivia.
"Hey Livi!"
"Hey Jess!"

"Rosie!" I yell.
I saw her long wavy strawberry hair swing around as I called her name.
"Hey guys, do you know where Brianna is?" Rosie asked.

To be honest I had no clue where she was.
I called her and texted her a few times but she never responded.

"She went on a trip to Paris." Olivia stated.

How does Livi know?
"How do you know Livi?" I questioned with a confused expression on my face.

"She told me."

Why would Brianna only tell Olivia?

"I forgot to tell you guys, sorry. Brie told me to but I just forgot." Oliava said.

Olivia was upset.
I could tell. I wonder why?

Sort of a cliff hanger sorry!!!
Mwah ha ha though!!!!!
I'm planing to either write a short chapter later tonight or a longer one again tomorrow.
Or both.

Hope this long chapter makes up for all the time that I haven't been writing and I promise update faster.

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