Tickets changed my life

Jessica was a huge fan of one direction but most people in her school didn't like one direction. Jessica had won tickets to go backstage and see the boys and got front row tickets to their Take Me Home tour. Then can Jessica's world completely change?


4. Olivia? Are you ok?


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*Jessica's POV*

Whats wrong with Olivia? She's never like this. What happened?

"Liv, are you alright?" I asked worried.

"I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"


"No," Rosie said "your not ok Livi. Stop trying to hide it we can tell."


*Olivia's POV*


"No your not ok Livi. Stop trying to hide it we can tell." Rosie tells me.

I should tell them.

There my best friends. Plus Brianna.

My eyes stared to cloud up. Tell them Olivia you need to.

I don't know if nows the time. Maybe later.

No Olivia tell them they will be there for you.

Ok I will.


Man, I really need to stop having these conversations with myself.

I didn't realize I was crying until I felt hot liquid run down my cheek.

"Olivia? Are you ok?" Jessica questioned concerned. I ran to the bathroom pulling Jessica and Rose with me.

I broke down in tears. Crying my eyes out.

"Livi, whats wrong?" Rosie asked really worried.

"M-my dad d-d-died" I almost whispered. I was then being hugged.

"Livi I'm so sorry! When? How?" Jess spoke.

"T-two days ag-ago. In Car crash."

I'm so sad my dad died. Me and my mom were not like most mothers and daughters. We were always fighting and yelling at each other. She has been more calm now but I have also been in my room a lot more cause I'm so depressed. She knows not to enter when my door is closed too.

"Liv? Livi? Are you listening?" Rose's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah, sorry." I sniffled.

"We're gonna be late for class if we don't go now." Jess said.

"Oh ok let's go."


*Jessica's POV*


Poor Olivia. I feel so bad for her.

Why didn't she tell me and Rosie? Does Brianna know? I'll ask Olivia later.

*First period*

When is this over?!?

*Second period*

I need to talk to Olivia

*Third period*



Time to talk to Olivia! YES!

*In Cafeteria*

Where's Oliva?



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