Tickets changed my life

Jessica was a huge fan of one direction but most people in her school didn't like one direction. Jessica had won tickets to go backstage and see the boys and got front row tickets to their Take Me Home tour. Then can Jessica's world completely change?


2. Entering the contest

2 months ago

*Jessica's POV*

"Yes mom, I will go clean my room!" "Why do I need to clean my room, it cant be that messy?" I mumble under my breath. I stop once I open my door. How on earth did it get this messy?!? Clothes and shoes thrown around my room. My bed is a complete mess. The was some leftover pizza from the night before on my dresser. "Oh." I mumble. I scan my room and spot my laptop on my bed. I go jump on my bed and open my laptop. Twitter. I login and check all the famous people's twitter.


Taylor Swift...............nothing. 

Justin Beiber.................nothing. Wait hold on...why am I following him again? Whatever.

Liam Payne...........nothing

Louis Tomlinson........"Cant wait to see who wins the contest!!"

Wait hold on a minute. WHAT CONTEST???

Niall Horan............."Excited for the contest to enter go to our official website!!"

I went to the one direction website faster than you can say                         . Exactly. Faster than you can say nothing at all. I read over the contest. Then I read it again. One more time and then I screamed. Sorta. If I screamed mom would run upstairs to see what was wrong then be mad at me for not cleaning my room. So I mentally screamed. After I read over the contest one more time I clicked the "try to win" button. I knew that I one and a million chance to win, but I entered anyways. I tried to enter again but the computer wouldn't let me. "Stupid-smart internet." I mumble. "Drawing for winner September 20th" Thats a week from today!!!!







Hi guys thanks for reading! Sorry that it's not that good but its the beginning and I promise it will get better. Please keep reading and tell your friends to read it. I would greatly appreceaite it if you told others about it. Please keep commenting it means so much to me. Also sorry that the chapters are short but they will get longer. You can also kik me at allisnlovesoned.


Thanks everyone


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