Tickets changed my life

Jessica was a huge fan of one direction but most people in her school didn't like one direction. Jessica had won tickets to go backstage and see the boys and got front row tickets to their Take Me Home tour. Then can Jessica's world completely change?


1. Prolog

Jessica was a normal 18 year old girl. She went to school, was a little self-conscious, and was really nice. She also is a huge fan of one direction. She was one of those fans that always was thinking of one direction, but didn't show it that much. The only thing was not many people in her school liked one direction. She didn't have many friends because of that. A bunch of times people would make fun of her because of her liking one direction. There were only about 3 other girls in her school that liked one direction. Luckily one of Jessica only friend was one of the people who also liked one direction. They both get tickets to see the boys front row and meet them backstage. Does her whole life change when she wins the contest? Does her life become better or worse?
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