Nicole has to move from the nice side of town to the crappy side. The side she NEVER thought she would ever have to go to. Once she moves, drama starts. Why? Well here's why... She always gets attention from boys because she has large breasts. This girl starts to get jealous because she has the attention of a boy that she likes... Drama queen much.


2. Chapter Two

Its my first day of school and I did not want to wake up. Ugh, 7am comes way too fast.

Once I got to the school and got my locker assigned I dropped my school supplies off and my bag.

Right away I noticed a group of girls giving me this dirty look and whispering but it didn't bother me much. I just looked at them and smiled, just to piss them off even more. This year, I don't want things like that to hurt me or annoy me.

As soon as I turned to go right, I bumped into this cute guy.

"Oh shit, sorry." I said gazing into his eyes.

"Aha, don't be." he said winking.

"I'm Nicole." I said winking back.


I could feel my cheeks getting hot.

"Uh, Jesse do you know where room 115 is?" I asked so I could spend more time with him. I could find it myself but I needed something to keep him with me.

He took me to room 115 and invited me over after school. He seems like a nice guy ... so why not.

I'm sitting in my seat when a girl walks over to me.

"Hi?" I said to her.

"Listen here, bitch. Don't talk to MY Jesse." she said aggressively.

"Oh, sorry I didn't know you owned him." I said smiling, "bye now!"

Her friends giggled, and walked away with her. While she was walking away she gave me a dirty look.

I felt pretty good after that.

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