Nicole has to move from the nice side of town to the crappy side. The side she NEVER thought she would ever have to go to. Once she moves, drama starts. Why? Well here's why... She always gets attention from boys because she has large breasts. This girl starts to get jealous because she has the attention of a boy that she likes... Drama queen much.


3. Chapter Three

Jesse and I got to his house. We were home alone. I told him about that girl that told me to leave him alone.

"Oh yeah. That's my ex, Katelyn." he said laughing.

We laughed. Then before I knew it, he starting making out with me. I knew why he really wanted me here now.

"HEY. I just met you, why are you doing that?!" I asked, angrily.

"Sorry... You're just so beautiful."

"Haha! Wow. Don't tell me that kind of bullshit. I thought you liked me for me, not for my looks."

I ran out of there fast. I saw that Katelyn girl outside. Fuck.

"Ew, slut! What do you think you're doing here?" She screamed.

I stopped walking, she's really pissing me off, "I got invited here. What about you, what are you doing here? Stalking him?"

She was so pissed, I could just tell.

When I got home I called Aubree and told her everything. She laughed. I really miss her. We had a good long conversation that night.

After we talked I was sitting on my bed. My phone rang. I looked at the caller ID ... Jesse. Shit! I totally forgot I gave him my number.

I really didn't want to talk to him because of earlier. So, I just ignored the calls.

That didn't work out too well though. He called 2 more times. I decided to answer to see what he wanted.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

"Can I please talk to you?" he sounded sad and desperate to talk to me.

"Um, sure."

"I'm so sorry for what happened earlier, I mean I wanted to kiss you so bad because you're so beautiful and yeah. I'm sorry."

I giggled, "aw, that's cute. Thanks, I'm sorry too. You know, for assuming you only liked me for my looks and boobs."

Maybe, just maybe, I was starting to like him. Hm.

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