Nicole has to move from the nice side of town to the crappy side. The side she NEVER thought she would ever have to go to. Once she moves, drama starts. Why? Well here's why... She always gets attention from boys because she has large breasts. This girl starts to get jealous because she has the attention of a boy that she likes... Drama queen much.


4. Chapter Four

So, after we talked on the phone for a bit, I realized. I kind of like him. I mean, he's cute, funny, has a great personality, and that's what I like. I honestly don't care what Katelyn thinks because she's just jealous that we're hanging out and she can't do that.

I was laying on my bed, smiling thinking about Jesse. While I was in the middle of thinking about him, my phone went off.

It was from a number I didn't recognize, but it was a local number. They said this,

'Listen here Nicole, you need to leave Jesse alone. You're going to get hurt. He's a player, he only wants you for your boobs, and looks, not for you. Trust me on this one okay. I know you don't know who this is, but I'm going to keep it that way. I would like to be anonymous. I'm just warning you, ok? Be careful.'

I was really confused. Who would this be? How did they get my number? Why would they care?

I just ignored it, and watched a movie.

Later that night I went out for a walk, Jesse texted me asking if I wanted to go out so I said sure.

When we where out, we went to the park for a bit. I looked at him and smiled, I was really happy to be with him.

We sat down on the swings and talked, and got to know eachother better. He seems like a great guy! He really does.

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