Nicole has to move from the nice side of town to the crappy side. The side she NEVER thought she would ever have to go to. Once she moves, drama starts. Why? Well here's why... She always gets attention from boys because she has large breasts. This girl starts to get jealous because she has the attention of a boy that she likes... Drama queen much.


5. Chapter Five

When I got to school, I headed straight for my locker. When I opened it, a note fell down on the floor.

"Huh?" I thought.

I opened it and it said, "I saw you at the park with Jesse last night. You skank, I told you to leave him alone." It was from Katelyn.

I just shook my head and threw it in the garbage. What a jealous bitch. I checked the time, and I had a couple minutes until the bell rang, so I grabbed my stuff and started to head to class.

As I was walking there, I saw Katelyn and she just rolled her eyes at me. It didn't bother me, but it bothered me that she thinks she can control Jesse and I.

I got to class and sat down and got my books ready. Jesse came in and sat near me.

"Hey, there's a party going on tonight, wanna come?" he asked.

"Sure! Where and what time?"

"My house, and come at like 8:00."

"Ok! Drinking?" I asked.


I laughed, I was pretty excited for this party. I've never really been drunk before, or been to a party so this should be interesting.


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