My Superman

Elena Davis has been through so much, too much. The beating, death, and various other types of abuse have weakened her greatly, and eventually she runs away. After many hours of running through the extreme cold she cant take anymore and decides to camp out on a bench in someones yard. When Louis Tomlinson sees a helpless, beautiful, and possibly dying girl in his front yard he just cant help but take a look, and possibly change his life.


1. Give me love



My Superman


"Hey slut get me another beer!" My uncle shouted across the house at me. I'm Elena by the way. I've lived with my uncle ever since my parents got sent off to a phyocatric ward. Real normal. But anyway I live with my equally fucked up uncle now who is a drug dealer and all-around fucking douchebag idiot. Excuse my language.  


"Where's my beer slut?!" Oops better get that.


I turned the corner from my doorway into the hall and ran strait into him. 


"What the fuck you running into me like that for!?!? Get me my goddamn beer hoe!!!"


I looked down stepped to the side but I was stopped by the force of his fist hitting me in the gut. I collapsed and clutched the hurt area, blood soon filling my mouth. 


'I am done with this shit' I thought to myself. You know that lump you get in your neck when you're really sad or angry? Well it feels like I just swallowed a fucking meteorite. Tears flooded my eyes and eventually spilled into the drops that ran down my face as I worked to fit as much money as I could into the pockets of my jeans. I opened the window and jumped to freedom. 


I ran all night, through the rain and snow. No jacket. No nothing. As the sun began to rise again onto what must be the rich side of London I sprawled myself out on a tidy little bench in someone's yard. 


I could feel the hypothermia digging its way into my body, turning everything to ice. The words of Ed Sheeran's Give Me Love ran through my head and I sang the last few lines out quietly, hopefully these words would be my last. 


Ill gently rise and softly call goodnight and joy be with you all. Good night and joy be with you all.


I closed my eyes and let a few more tears escape. 


I could feel the last bit of life being frozen out of me when I heard a faint voice ask " Are you alright?"


No, I wasn't. But I couldn't answer. I needed to end my life. It was what I deserved, to my classmates, it was what should've happens long ago, according to my family, and now what was happening. I did the world a favor. I didn't think that my death would make anyone care. Nobody did and ever will, so why bother with life? 


I appreciated my last seconds as I dozed into a state of what assumed as death.


Louis POV


I heard a quiet voice singing the last part of "Give Me Love" 


Ill gently rise and softy call goodnight and joy be with you all, goodnight and joy be with you all. 

It sounded amazing! I looked out the window and saw where it came from. A beautiful girl laying on the bench in the yard, frozen blue without a jacket, hat, anything. Just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, in a snowstorm. I ran out the door and asked "Are you alright?" No answer.

I scooped her up in my arms and carried her inside, setting her on the couch with a few blankets.

I stared at her face for a while, it was so peaceful. Her hair was somewhere between platinum and gold, and her skin was blue, with little trails of ice running from her eyes to her jaw, they must have been tears. Her lips on the other hand, blood red. She was very pretty, I just hoped that her eyes would open. I couldn't find anything else to do to help so I started singing.

come filter me, the parting glass, goodnight and joy be with you all, goodnight and joy be with you all.

At the end of the line her eyes slowly opened. They were ice blue, and soon, filled with tears as well. "Why am I here?" she asked.

"I heard you singing and I looked outside and saw you, so I went outside and asked you if you were okay, but you didn't answer so I took you in."

"You don't need to waste time on me ill go"

"No. you're staying here, at least until it gets warm enough to go back outside."

"I cant stay."


"I was out there hoping to die."

I couldn't think of any thing  to say so I pulled her into a hug. "I'm so sorry, you have every right to live, never forget that." Slowly a faint smile crept its way onto her lips. She was truly Beautiful, so I told her. "You're so Beautiful." a red tone appeared on her iced cheeks.

"Thank you. Whats your name?"

"Louis Tomlinson."

"Im Elena Davis".

"Happy Valentines Day Elena" and with that I softly kissed her lips.

Okay so im writing this for the Valentines Day competition so please help me out if you like it! 

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