Andrea. She's been an outcast since grade school. Judged on her appearance. Well, that's society right there. There's one day each year Andrea hates the most. Valentine's Day. The day where every perfect couple shows their love and compassion. Andrea lost her love three years ago after the accident. She hasn't seen him since then. They were fifteen years old. She can't love anymore, it's impossible. The week before Valentine's Day, he transfers back. It's all the same with him though. He goes back to his popular reputation, the pretty girls, and his spot on the football team. Him and his five best friends reach the top, but this time against her. He won't look or talk to her. She only thinks one thing. Harry. There's someone else this time though.


4. Mistakes Made

I was walking out the front of my perfect life headed straight to my perfect boyfriend's house. I was so happy I technically skipped. On my way, I was stopped to find a piece of paper on the ground. It read:

Dear Harry,
I don't think this is such a great idea. As much as I hate her, I don't think we should go this far. I think it's pretty harsh to treat a person like this. Telling everyone this would be too harsh. I think we should rethink this. How about just telling everyone she has AIDS instead? No more of that plan, Harry. Telling every person at that school that this girl you are playing was cheating on you with him is just too harsh. Sorry, babe. I'll see you Saturday though.

Love, Elizabeth Xoxo

As soon as I was about to run off back to my home, my mouth was covered. I struggled but was dragged to an ally and this person pushed me off against the brick wall. It was Elizabeth.

"Listen, whore. You don't deserve Harry. You never will deserve him. Just to make sure that rumor that I'll start is true and goes out with proof, let me introduce you to somebody. Matthew!! Come here!!" She says while pinning me up against a wall tighter than before. A tall boy who was recognizable comes around the corner of the ally with a big smirk across his face. He has duck tape and he quickly tapes my mouth shut and does the same with my legs and hands.

"This will only be a minute, sweetheart." He says while ripping my clothes off. Elizabeth makes sure to take the pictures without making it look like I'm being forced. I couldn't remember anything after that. All I know is I was raped. I woke up in the same ally. I was naked so I quickly called my best friend, Molly. I explained what had happened and she came within the next five minutes. She had a pair of panties, shoes, jeans, a bra, and a graphic tee in her hand. She was panicking but she promise it would stay between us. Well, it wasn't long until the whole world knew about it. Harry was so embarassed he ended up moving schools and hating me. Molly's dad got a knew job and I was stuck alone being a bully bag in a hell hole.

~end of flashback~

Harry ended up going to the mall with me after he begged me to let him come and we ended up going straight for the food court. It was quite fun and while Harry was in the men's department, I got my things. It was quite fun. It didn't last long though. Next thing I knew I was at the doorstep of my abandoned home because Aunt Lily had just left for work.

"I had quite a fun time, Andrea."

"Yea, it was really fun. I guess I won't really be seeing you after this though. It was nice hanging out with you again though."

"I go to your school!! I'll see you tomorrow, remember?"

"Yes, but I'm a total outcast and your the king of the stereotypes."

"They can do all they want, but they can't take me away from my panda."

"Well, I guess that means I'll see you tomorrow then. Good night, King Haz."

"Good night, Panda. I'll dream of you." Harry says then pecks my cheek and heads off back to his Ranger.
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