Andrea. She's been an outcast since grade school. Judged on her appearance. Well, that's society right there. There's one day each year Andrea hates the most. Valentine's Day. The day where every perfect couple shows their love and compassion. Andrea lost her love three years ago after the accident. She hasn't seen him since then. They were fifteen years old. She can't love anymore, it's impossible. The week before Valentine's Day, he transfers back. It's all the same with him though. He goes back to his popular reputation, the pretty girls, and his spot on the football team. Him and his five best friends reach the top, but this time against her. He won't look or talk to her. She only thinks one thing. Harry. There's someone else this time though.


2. Looking Back

He gently caressed my hair with his tan fingertips twisting my hair into ringlets. I layed in his lap as he sat on the grass. We were sitting in our secret forest. As he played with my hair, I thought. I thought about our future, our past, and especially the present. I hesitated asking him what he thought what happen because he would always reply with, "Everything changes within time." I could feel his hot breath on my pale skin as he played with my hair. I looked up into his big green orbs as he stared into my hazel ones. Our past. We had always known each other but because of my out casting appearance we weren't close. He was liked and popular for his spot as goalie on the football team. He was so different from me, but at the same time he was the same. He had curly brown hair while I had wavy, thick, brown locks. His eyes were like a glimmering river while mine looked like a dull shade of green, mixed in with a dark brown. I was as pale as a snowflake while he was perfectly tanned. We had started dating in eighth grade and were almost sophomores. I can't explain how we started dating. I can't describe any of it because it just happened. I felt like I missed the beginning of the relationship because of my memory. It's funny because I remember everything except that. I always remember things but I can't remember the start of my relationship? It's all confusing. He looks deeper into my eyes and leans in to say something.

"I know you're insecure, but I don't want you for your appearance. I want you for your big heart." He says, then grabs my hand and puts it to were his heart is located.

"Do you hear that? It's all yours." He states then kisses me on my forehead.

*end of flashback*

That was the day I fell completely in love with him. Harry.
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