Andrea. She's been an outcast since grade school. Judged on her appearance. Well, that's society right there. There's one day each year Andrea hates the most. Valentine's Day. The day where every perfect couple shows their love and compassion. Andrea lost her love three years ago after the accident. She hasn't seen him since then. They were fifteen years old. She can't love anymore, it's impossible. The week before Valentine's Day, he transfers back. It's all the same with him though. He goes back to his popular reputation, the pretty girls, and his spot on the football team. Him and his five best friends reach the top, but this time against her. He won't look or talk to her. She only thinks one thing. Harry. There's someone else this time though.


3. Falling Faster

This day was like a sudden nightmare. Everything slowly fading and breaking even more in my head. Harry Styles was back and better than ever. The whole thing was questionable but it was the last thing I wanted to think about. I felt like dying. Just lying on this cold concrete gym floor. It was 3rd period gym class. Harry had reached his royal thrown at the top of the popularity chart, while I laid restless at the bottom. I was unliked by all at this school and I'd like to stay that way. Unliked, unloved, and uncared for. I lived with my aunt and she was never home. My parents died in a plane crash while flying to Dublin. I lived in a small town called Holmes Chapel. It was located in north England and it was quite small. I was distracted from my thoughts by Harry's new girlfriend squealing with joy across the gym. Harry was hanging out with his four new best mates and his new girlfriend, Zoey. Zoey was the prettiest and most popular girl in the entire school. They had only started dating last period and she was all over him in 1st period. I couldn't help but be extremely jealous of her. She bullied me when everything happened. I loved Harry more than anything and I wish he would understand how sorry I was. The tardy bell rang and everyone dressed in their gym clothes. I always sat in the bleachers and played on my new iPhone 5. I might be unloved but I never said my aunt wasn't rich. My aunt was filthy rich. My whole family was filthy rich. Harry's family was also filthy rich. My aunt was his mom, Anne's, best friend. Anne visited regularly and she would always attempt to pet me but I would never acknowledge it. I knew Harry must've made up an excuse of everything. Harry had came over for dinner a couple of times in the past three years, but I'd always slip out before he could even take a glimpse at me. He hasn't even glanced at me today. I wish he still loved me as much as I loved him. I stretched out my legs on the bleachers and decided to put my headphones in today. I turned in Rihanna's new album and switched to the song "Stay". It was my favorite out of the whole album. I quickly turned it off and decided to add a song to my songbook.

Broken hearts down the road
I finally took a hold of that rope
And now I'm found
So many boys in this world
Treat me like that one girl
And now I'm found

I've been lost so many times before
Hearts in jars that's where their stored
Oooooh ooooh
Got back on the road towards my dreams
Everything isn't always as it seems
Everyday, Every way
But now I've found my way

I titled it "Found My Way" and turned my music back on. I just thought and thought. That's when the thought hit me. If I wanted to show all those people I could be more than a bully bag, I was going to have to be amazing. That would involve actually being a wh- let's not finish that sentence. I thought about it for a minute and decided to go with it. I just had to go shopping sometime today or tonight. I see Harry has finally noticed me because he's gaping at the fact of how far downhill I've gone. That will be until he sees me tomorrow. He shakes his head and goes back to tickling Zoey. The school day happens to go by much faster and I can't wait to get home for the first time. I rush off the bus and run inside the house to find Aunt Lily setting the table. She's never home so why now?

"Great, your home, Andrea. I need you to help me set the tables. I got a break from work tonight."

"Why can't we just eat in the living room? We don't have to fancy things up."

"That's because Anne and Harry are coming over for dinner."

"That's great, but I'm going shop-

"No, you are staying here and joining us for the first time ever."

"What?? I can't, uh."

"Why not? You love Miss Anne!! I know you have a crush on that boy, so why don't you just join us?"

"Correction, had. I had a crush on that boy. Three years ago." I hope she couldn't see through my lying face.

"Andrea, no doubts!! You can go to the mall after dinner!! I can maybe see if Harry would want to come with yo-

"NOOOOO!!! Please, Lily!! Please don't do that!"

"Oh, I'm asking so maybe you and Harry can spend some time together. For old times sake."

"Please, no. He'll deny the offer anyways because I'm just a ug-

The doorbell suddenly rings and I see two figures standing at the door. I know it's them so I quickly try and run upstairs but Aunt Lily grabs my hair and drags me to the kitchen.

"Andrea, please sit down. I will ground you if you don't sit in that chair, right this minute."

I could hear her welcoming them in and complimenting Anne's new sweater as she's telling Harry to go wait in the dining room. I quickly try and find a way to escape but just as I'm about to escape out the window I hear someone behind me.

"Well, well, well. I see nobody wants to see me. It kind of hurts, ya know." I can hear Harry say.

"Why are you talking to me? Explain that to me. I'm a horrible person and I've gotten the treatment from the others just like I deserve so why are you even acknowledging that I'm here?"

"What are you talking about? What did people do to you, Andrea?"

"You totally just skipped over my question. Oh and if your wondering I've been bullied for three years until it stopped last month. I've also been beat up by a few of the popular cheerleaders a couple times. It was hell and it hurt but I deserve it all. I could care less if you paid me back and slapped me right here and now."

"Andrea, I don't care what you did. I will forgive you no matter what you do. I was mad at first and I know that I might have said a few things to hurt you, but I never meant them. I feel like this is all my fault. It technically is because I was a baby and ran away from the doubt when I could've stayed at the same school in the same town with you." Harry says moving closer at the last words.

"Ok kids let's all sit down and feast." Lily interrupts us as she bursts through the dining room.

"It looks delicious, Lily." Harry says as he grins at her and carefully takes a seat.

For some reason, I sit next to Harry. He gives me an apologetic smile.

"Lily, may I borrow Andrea for a second?" Harry says.

"Of course, dear. No kissing or anything though."

"LILY!!!" I scream.

"Don't worry, there won't be any of that." Harry says scooting his chair out and telling me to follow him outside. I give him a confused look but follow after as we stand on the porch outside. Harry stops walking and sits on the swinging bench and pats it gesturing for me to sit down. I sit and he looks at me with his big emerald eyes. He takes me aback because he suddenly starts hugging me.

"I'm sorry, Andrea. I know we both made mistakes but just leaving you was the worst one anyone could ever make. Please, Andrea. Just please know how much sorrow and pain I feel in my heart. I wanted to tell you sooner but you always seem to run away when I'm near. I would do anything to make it up to you. You've already been bullied and beaten and even though I was mad I would've never wanted that to happen. Your my panda bear. Remember?"

I held Harry's hand with my blue cotton candy in the other, as we walked down the pier. They're was a carnival down at the pier, so Harry and I decided to go. The place was filled with colorful lights that dazzled the nighttime sky, roller coasters with adventurous twists and turns, booths filled with prizes and games. One booth caught my attention because their was a giant panda stuffed animal sitting on the prize rack. I knew I had to have that panda.

"Haz, I hate to bother you but I need that panda. Will you win it for me?"

"Of course, love."

We walked towards the booth and Harry handed the man some pounds for a certain amount of baseballs to be able to throw. The objective of the game was knocking down the glass milk bottles. Well, they looked like milk bottle from my view. Harry missed the first time. He arched his arm back and focused he soon threw the ball and knocked all three down.

"Here you go, sir. Enjoy." The man said.

"You know what? I'm going to call you my panda bear. After all it took a lot of concentration to get those freaking milk things or whatever to fall."

"Ok then, Haz. I guess my name is Pandy the fluffy panda bear.

"Come on, little panda bear. Lets go ride the Farris wheel."

~end of flashback~

Harry looked at me with hopeful eyes and I soon hugged him back after a few minutes of silence. We went back inside and ate. Harry was actually much cheekier and funnier than he'd ever been. Cracking jokes here and there. All of us had finished and that's when my aunt almost was murdered by me.

"Harry, you see Andrea is going to the mall tonight and I was wondering if you'd like to join her?! You know just to protect her."

"Of course, Lily. I'd love to."

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