The Love Train

When Cassandra get's excepted to London's School of Art Academy of Dance, her whole world gets turned upside down. Her domoratory has some, small, problems. Number 1: She is accidently put into the Academy of Singing Dorm.
Number 2: She has to run 3 miles to get to class on time.
Number 3: She doesn't know anyone
Number 4: One Direction are her only, room mates.


3. Sometimes I like to be a Palm Tree

"Do you think she is awake?" Said some strenge voice. 

"Obviously she's dead, she isn't even breathing!!" Another, why are people in my room

"Stop being such an idiot both of you!! Of course she's alive she is breathing, and Harry, she isn't awake!! Why are we even in here?"  ALKFASLDFKJSDFLAS 

"But my question is, why is SHE in here!!" Everyone just needs to shut up so I can go back to sleep

"Louis said that she moved in." Okay, now go away

"But.. does she even sing." No you idiot, Louis sabotaged me I'm a freaking dancer.

"Everyone just get out of here, or I kill you!!!!!!!!" I yelled and covered my head with pillows and comforters.

"Hey she's American!!" It was the first voice.

I just decided to get up and confront them.

They all looked at me.

"Ya so I look like dog shit. Now will you please get out of my room or I will personally get you out!!"

I pointed my fingers to the door. They all sulked out. Now it's not like I could get back to sleep. I get back into the shower, I literally just stand there. I don't like actually moving a lot. I know you asking. 'Then why are you a dancer?' Because, well, SHUT UP!

"She's gone!! Maybe she left. Maybe she died. Maybe she got kidnapped!!"

"Shut up guys!! She is just in the shower!! Can we make this fast now come on."

Now they are sneaking around in my bedroom. They are so annoying. Can they just leave me alone!!!!

I wrap the towel around me, and walked out of the bathroom. What I know as, Harry was holding one of my bras. What the hell. Liam was stripping my bed, Niall was rummaging around my drawers probably looking for food. And Zayn was just, I don't know sitting reading one of my instruction books. For dancing. Everyone knows that he can't dance, maybe he wants to learn. 

Their heads snap towards me.  They stop in mid position.

"I have told you once, and now twice, don't make me tell you a third time. Get out of my room. Or I am calling Louis!!!!!!"

"Haha, she thinks that will do something!" Harry said twirling around looking at my boobs.

Time to go all Despicable Me on them. I closed my mouth and stopped breathing. 

They literally just stood there. I was secretly breathing out of my nose. But they don't have to know that. They dropped everything and ran out of the room.

They are really stupid. Like really stupid. 

I got all ready. i walked down stairs to see the strangest thing I have ever saw.

Zayn was trying to copy the dance moves, Niall was just running around wearing a green fairy suit. Louis was running around wearing a peter-pan costume. I don't even know.

You know what. Cassie, just go to class, just go to class. Just go.

This in fact is a good idea, because I haven't set up my class times yet, and that would be a good idea before it's to late and miss out on all the good classes.

I'm just going to leave. Sometimes I like to be a palm tree. You see I sing that when I'm trying to find out what has happened, I sing that when I'm taking tests, notes, anything that involves actually thinking. Unless I'm dancing because you know that is something that puts me into a totally different mode. I get so unique and graceful.

Well I have to go. Ugg, now my brain is like my diary, luckily it can't be hacked. SOMETIMES I LIKE TO BE A PALM TREE

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