The Love Train

When Cassandra get's excepted to London's School of Art Academy of Dance, her whole world gets turned upside down. Her domoratory has some, small, problems. Number 1: She is accidently put into the Academy of Singing Dorm.
Number 2: She has to run 3 miles to get to class on time.
Number 3: She doesn't know anyone
Number 4: One Direction are her only, room mates.


2. Moving In with WHO?!

Dear Diary,

Today I move into my dorm. I still can't believe that I made it into the London School of Art! Like what? My new room mates. That's a lot to think about. For the past 19 years of my life. I have lived with my dad and brother. My mom isn't in the picture. Or any. Never met her, never even saw her. I was just dropped off at my dads door step. I know I'm his daughter, we got tested. But still...... Just the thought of meeting someone new. Thats.. Hardcore. Sure I have friends. But there only fake friends. You see. I'm somewhat of a badass. I got tired of being the good girl. Give me some alcohol and then you see- as what Paige would describe as- the real, true me. Well I have to go. School. I thought once  you get out of high school, the torture would end. Boy am I wrong.

I walk up to the house. Now let me tell you. There are dorms and theres this! This, this isn't even a house. Its a freaking mansion. There are Audi's and Porsches and Ferrari's in the driveway. What? This is not what I excepted. But this is the right address, on the right street. In the right town. Sooo I guess I just have to go with the flow.

Just take it cool. Walk up to the door. Smooth in. Say 'Wow isn't this night. Now who am I bunking with?!' Ya. I can't be subtle at all.

Right before I knock the door opens. Of course I'm looking down at the address. So I don't see th boy staring right at me.

"Um ya hi. Is this Wayside Dorm. Or am I in the right place. Because I don't have a very good sense of direction. I've never been to England. I'm sorry." I say try to sound, cool... I can't I just can't.

"Yes! Are you Cassandra? Hi I'm Louis! Wasn't I supposed to pick you up at the train station?"

Holy shit it's Louis Tomlinson from the one and only ONE DIRECTION okay play it cool. Be the real me.

"Ya. Like 2 hours ago. I had to hitch a ride. Thanks to you. And why am I here. Aren't my classes like. All the way on the other side of the campus?"

"Oh really? I must have read the sheet wrong. Come in really it's now your home."

Ok what is wrong with these people. It's like they are fan fiction. I mean I haven't read any.. Recently. Ok, so I was a crazed fan. But really. This is like a bad fan fic. 

"Um, so aren't there like, four others, you know in your band. Or are they, like not in collage." I say, looking around the front parlor.

"Well, yes they are, but Harry, and Liam just left for class, Niall. I have no idea where he is, probably writing in his stupid diary, and well I am right here!"

He thinks writing in dairies are stupid. Just don't even bother with him Cassie, don't even bother. He's probably a pussy. Ya I said it! SUE ME!

"Okay, right, um so where exactly am I going to be, you now sleeping, studying, avoiding pussy's."

"Well, come with me right up here. Can I take that for you?"

He points to my suitcase. AWW HELL NAW! He is not taking my suit case, that has really important stuff, like my computer, and my damn Diary!

"Um, I'll, umm sure"

Wow. Great job Cassie, can we please give her a big fucking round of applause. I don't even know what is wrong with me. I was doing just fine until, I actually paid attention to him. Next I'll fall down the stairs!

"Hi, ya are you okay, you just went like super random spacy, next to me."

"Um, yes. Sorry Ya go on."

I slowly make it up the stair, I can't handel further embarrassment.  The room is beautiful. It's like they prepared for me coming. It had baby blue walls, a purple comforter with matching pillows. There was a white dresser and a matching desk. 

"So do you like it? I had my friend personally decorate it. I knew you were a girl and you wouldn't like boobie posters in your room, so ya....."

"I love it! Thank you!!"

Might as well try the nice card. Since me being a badass resulted in him carrying something that I have had since I was 7.

He left me to unpack my things. I closed the door as soon as he left.


Dear Diary,

Meeting One Direction, well, I did not expect that. But how will I get to my classes, he never did answer that? I'm almost positive that he switched my door, just because I was a pretty girl. Well as soon as he see's what I am capable of he will find out massively wrong he is. I gotta go. I need to finish unpacking. Later.




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