You're Irriseistable

I went to New York City to see Austin Mahone..... But I didn't meet him I met the Hottest guy in the world. With his deep blue eyes. I fell in Love.....


4. The Start of Forever


Darcy's POV


   Austin Mahone is so sweet and cute and beautiful.

"So Darcy. What do you wanna do with your life." Austin asks me. I blush

"Um I wanna be a singer." I say and everyone looks at me. "What I do."

"Darcy you can't sing." Amelia said.

"Well Amelia My dad can so." I said.

"Darcy you don't know your dad." Ava Said.

"Yes I do and he is a famous singer in a boy band, The richest boyband ever." I said.

"Darcy. You are dreaming. Your dad is not in One Direction. Trust me I would know." Amelia says

"Well one of them are my dad and their girlfriend is my mom." I say and walk off and see Liam. I look away and run in the opposite direction, but i run into Harry. Ugh.

"Darcy  are you ok?" He said

"No I'm not. They said I can't sing." The tears just keep running down my face. I see Liam walk closer. I look away.

"Darcy what's wrong." Liam said. I ignore him and pull out my headphones. and start listening to DNA by Little Mix. I start to sing out loud

It's in his DNA
It's in his DNA
And he just takes my breath away
B-b-b-breath away
I feel it every day,
And that's what makes a man
Not hard to understand
Perfect in every way
I see it in his face
Nothing more to say
It's in his D-D-D-DNA

"Darcy that was amazing." Liam says. Now I see Dani standing there too.

"Where did you get that voice. I mean no one in the family can sing like that." Liam elbows Dani and I laugh.

"Now there's my baby girls smile." Liam says

"Yeah I guess and you guys really think  I can sing?" I say

"Yeah I'm gonna tell my manager we have a 5th singer for them. I mean if you want to." He says

"OMG I WOULD LOVE TOO. THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE." I scream. Liam and Dani laugh. Then Liam walks over and picks me up.

"Princess would you like to meet Perrie?" He asks

"YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream. Liam starts walking towards their tour bus. He opens the door and sits me in my bunk. When he comes back he is with Zayn and Perrie.

"So Li this is the girl that would fit perfectly in Little Mix?" Perrie says. OMG Perrie Edwards is talking about ME.

"Yeah she is. Wouldn't she? She has long Dirty blonde hair and has an amazing voice." Liam says. After that Perrie, Zayn, Liam, and Dani walked in.

"OMG Liam she is perfect. She has the look. And she sort of looks like you and Dani." Perrie says and I smile. She walks closer to me and reaches out a hand "Im Perrie Edwards. What's your name?"

"I'm Darcy Payne." I say Liam and Dani smile.

"No really what's your name sweety."

"It's Darcy Payne. And I am not a little girl. I am 13." I snapped at her. I see Zayn, Liam, and Dani start laughing. Then Perrie starts laughing.

"Darcy you can totally be in Little Mix. You will fit right in." I smile and go hug Liam and say Thank you. Then Dani comes over.

"Darcy it's bed time." She says

"Awwwww. But I don't wanna." I whine.

"Don't worry. when you wake up Liam and I will be right there from now until forever." I smile then Liam carries me to bed. When he leaves I smile. I'm Home. and I'm never leaving.

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