You're Irriseistable

I went to New York City to see Austin Mahone..... But I didn't meet him I met the Hottest guy in the world. With his deep blue eyes. I fell in Love.....


1. New York

Darcy's P.O.V.


New York City is AMAZING. I mean I'm here with my best friends Ava, Lily, Ella, and Amelia. I was given up for adoption when I was a baby. Apparently my parents "Died in a car crash" but that's what they tell everyone. I met Lilly, Ava, and Ella in the orphanage when i was 8. I met Amelia when I was adopted 2 years ago. My parents names are Clodagh and Paul. He's the manager of some famous band but he won't tell me who.

"Darcy, Darcy, Darcy. Look." I turned my head and saw Austin Mahone. He is the hottest 16 year old singer ever. He is opening for Taylor Swift who i feel like i have this connection with. Ava grabbed my arm.

"Darce look its a cute guy with curly hair and Taylor Swift and they are walking this way." I froze. That guy looks so familiar.

"Hello I'm Taylor Swift and this is my boyfriend Harry. What's your name."

"I am Amelia Price. My dad Owns Hollywood records."

"I'm Ava Higgins."

"I'm Lily Higgins"

"I'm Ella... Um Higgins."

"And I'm Darcy Higgins." Taylor and that guy Harry look at each other and look back at me. There is just something about Harry that has me overwhelmed.

"Darcy who is your mum and dad?" Harry asked with this deep British accent.

"Umm Ava, Ella, Lily, and i were all adopted by Paul Higgins. He's some manager of one of those boy bands out there." I say Lily, Ava and Ella all nod.

"Adopted?" He said wow his voice is sexy.

"Yeah my parents gave me up when I was 1 1/2."

"That's really sad. Um Darcy can I talk to you alone." He asked

"Yeah." we walked over to a tour bus. "Is this Taylor's tour bus" I asked

"No. Um it's mine." He said "Liam, Dani come over here."

A guy and a girl walk over. The girl, who I'm guessing is Dani, sort of looks like me and the guy, who I' guessing who is Liam, has eyes like mine.

"What Harry?" They ask at the same time.

"Is this the Darcy you guys were talking about?" Liam and Dani walked over to me. Dani hugged me.

"Oh Darcy I love you so much." Dani said.

"What the hell is going on here." I said.

"Darcy how old are you?" Liam asked

"I'm just turned 13 last month."

"Darcy do you have anything from your parents?" Dani asked

"Yes." I took off my necklace i got from my mom and took off the charm bracelet my dad left for me. The necklace was half a heart that said

I lo



I watched Dani take off her necklace and she put them together and it said

I love




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