You're Irriseistable

I went to New York City to see Austin Mahone..... But I didn't meet him I met the Hottest guy in the world. With his deep blue eyes. I fell in Love.....


3. Daddy Daughter Day


Liam's P.O.V.

           Wow. She has Danielle's eyes. And my hair. And is just a beautiful little girl. Why did I ever give her up? I realized we were almost to her friends because she stopped.

"Ok. Liam my friends are right around the corner and I really don't want you to die. So um nice to meet you and bi." She started to walk away.

"Wait. Darcy." She turns back to me and I smile. "How about we hang out today. You and me. I could get to know you and we could talk about Harry and build a relationship." Her face lights up with a smile and I see she has red, black and white braces.

"I'd love to Liam. Let me just go tell my dad." Did she just say her dad and not meaning me? Well I will be the person she calls dad soon enough. "I mean um Paul. Or. Um my stepfather."

"Darcy it's ok. Can I come?" I asked. I wanna meet the people who have been raising my little girl for the past 12 years or less. I don't know what year she was adopted in.

"Yeah. I'm sure he would wanna meet the guy I'm gonna be hanging out with. I mean if I just say I'm going to hang with an 21 year old he won't let me." She reaches out her hand like she is gonna lead me to her dad. I walk over and pick her up like I did when she was born. She starts to giggle and smile. This is going to me one amazing day.

"My dad is with my friends and Austin Mahone. So lets go. And be careful." She is so adorable.

"I got it Princess." She has a shocked look on her face.

"You just called me your Princess." She is so sweet and innocent. Like nothing has ever hurt her, but I know something has. The fact that her parents didn't want her. The fact that she mostlikely grew up in an orphanage. The fact that she doesn't know what to call her parents now that she knows them. I want to make that go away. We turn the corner and I see Paul, muy manager.


"Yes. Umm Paul can I talk to you..... Alone."

"Ok if you put Darcy down." I put her down and said I would be right back for our day of fun and then followed Paul towrds a fountian.

"What's up LIam?" He asked me

"Remember that girl Danielle and I gave up for adoption?" He nods his head. "Well it's Darcy." He is standing there shocked.

"What. My Darcy?"

"Yeah and I wanted to spend time with her."

"Liam. Do you just wanna adopt her back." I knew there would be a smile on my face within seconds. Of course I did, but I had to ask Dani.

"Let me call Dani."

"Ok." I dialed her number and she answered.


D: When are you coming back baby?

L: Um soon. Dani?
D: Yes baby what is it??

L: Can we adopt Darcy?


L: Ok Dani. I'll be home soon.


I hung up. "Paul. she said she would love to."

"Ok. Let's go get her."

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