You're the One for Me

When Rebecca wins The X Factor and goes on her tour, she meets the dreamy boy-band One Diirection. When she thinks Harry is her soulmate, she learns that Niall is her true one. Her ex comes near and causes their relationship to split but with the love they have for eachother and when Zayn and Harry are doing their best to keep the couple up, Everything can happen.


6. Performance in the Park

Niall and I drove off to the nearest park. When we got there, we realized it was not the best park around. The majority of its trees were bare and the playground was rusty. We looked around for a place to sit at and so we found a bench.

"So tell me about yourself," he said. "Since when was your dream to become famous?" he asked. 

"My dream wasn't to be famous, it was always wanting to record music and sing on a stage," I replied. He smiled before he asked,

"And do you need a stage to sing?" he asked with a challenging grin on his face.

"No, why?" I asked with a smile and a sense of suspinsion on me.

"Then why don't we have a little performance here yeah?" 

"Hmm...okay. You start," I challenged.

When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

And in my hour of darkness she is, standing right infront of me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

Suddenly people fom the park started walking our way. Everyone of them had smiles on their faces and they sat around where Niall and I were sitting. 

And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree, there will be an answer let it be.

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.

When we finished singing, the many people around us started clapping. Niall looked at me with admiration in his eyes. I turned and met his gaze. His pale blue eyes penetrated my soul. I smiled at him, his warm smile was welcoming, his braces made him look sexy. I felt a warm flowing sensation in me, something I had never felt before, I didn't know what it was but I liked the feeling.

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