You're the One for Me

When Rebecca wins The X Factor and goes on her tour, she meets the dreamy boy-band One Diirection. When she thinks Harry is her soulmate, she learns that Niall is her true one. Her ex comes near and causes their relationship to split but with the love they have for eachother and when Zayn and Harry are doing their best to keep the couple up, Everything can happen.


3. Let's Party, Let's get to know Eachother

I sat down in my room at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles.I was nervous now that I was going to meet many popstars. I was scared knowing that Ihad to wear a short black dress with red. As I walked down the staircase I felt eyes on me. My cheeks burned, I hated when people stared at me. I walked to where Simon was where he presented me to Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Cher Lloyd. Simon left and so I sat down by the stairs. "What are you doing here sitting down?" asked Harry. I jumped, startled and saw him and Niall on their way down the stairs. "This is really boring," I sighed. "Well then, come with us. We're going to a Karaoke Bar." I looked at the sophisticated party and then nodded. 

When we got to the bar, many people recognized me and were congratulating and throwing compliments my way. I smiled and Harry took my hand and led the way to an empty table. We got a few drinks and started watching the performances. Suddenly, I see the manager coming our way and next thing I know, I'm on stage ready to sing with Harry. Everyone starts clapping. Harry looks at me and shrugs before he grabs the microphone and starts singing. We sing Firework by Katy Perry and it feels wonderful. My soulmate and me on stage. When we go back to the table, I sit next to Harry. We talk and laugh the rest of the night. I totally forgot Niall was there until he stood up and said he had to do something. I hope he wasn't lying because I would feel sad.

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