You're the One for Me

When Rebecca wins The X Factor and goes on her tour, she meets the dreamy boy-band One Diirection. When she thinks Harry is her soulmate, she learns that Niall is her true one. Her ex comes near and causes their relationship to split but with the love they have for eachother and when Zayn and Harry are doing their best to keep the couple up, Everything can happen.


1. Rebecca

The bell rang announcing the end end of the day. I rushed to the door and ran through the hallway. I quickly opened my locker and stuffed my belongings in there. I took out a flyer and ran out to the fron of the school. My sister was waiting for me there. I got inside the car and we drove off. I looked at the flyer. The X Factor Auditions Today. My chance to show my talent to the world.

"We're here," announced my sister. I looked around and saw the people signing up. "Quick, lets go sign me up," I said. We got in line and as I signed my name I got the goosebumps. "Nervous?" asked Charlotte. "No, just anxious," I said with confidence. REBECCA WILLIAMS, the buzzer announced. I walked towards the entrance of the stage. My future depended on this competition. No time to go back.


"That was amazing!" announced Demi Lovato. "Incredible," announced Simon. I smiled and wore my triumphant face. I myself, thout it was amazing. The way I sang When I Look at You by Miley Cyrus was just perfect. "Well, I am glad to announce that you...have made it in," announced Simon. I squealed and then found myself going out the door being congratulated by my sister.  

I sat in my room looking out the window. I was as happy as could be when my text alarm goes on. A text from Alex. 

Rebecca, um, I wanna break up with you. Its not you, its me, I met someone else. Im sorry.

I stared at the text. I could feel the tears sting my eyes and a huge lump in my throat. Tears streamed down my face. I never thought we would end like this. He was my first love and we had been going out for a year. But I guess life is like this. I wiped a tear off, you have to keep moving forward.

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