Little Things

You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you, You'll never treat yourself right, darling but I want you to, if I let you know I'm here for you, Maybe you'll love yourself like I love you....


2. Chapter 1

Anne’s POV

I knew what happened to my sister. That man probably locked her in his closet. She knew what was coming though. She’s gone through it before. He’s done it to her many times. I was glad we didn't go to school the last three days. Why? That man would leave on Wednesdays to work and wouldn’t come back until Saturday. We would be alone. We could finally breathe the freedom. Just for a moment.

I was worried for Ava. I would go unlock her, but first that man needed to leave. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I sat at the end of the couch. “I’m leaving,” he stated as he grabbed his stuff and left out the door. I gave him five minutes and then I ran upstairs. I opened one of his drawers and got the key that would help me see my sister.

Ava’s POV

I heard the door knob open. It was dark in the closet. I didn’t move the whole night because I feared the dark. “Ava!” my sister yelled. I got up and hugged her. I needed her. I needed her warmth against me.

The night before, that man did the same thing he’d done before. We went up to his room and he hit me with his belt. He left the marks that were on my back before. He slapped me and he threw me against the wall. He made blood come out of my lip. And he cut me. I was used to that though. I had cut myself before. That was a pain I was used to. A pain that made me forget things for minutes. A pain that made me forget about the life I had.

I let go of her. “Did he leave?” I questioned. She nodded. We went to our rooms. For some reason, that room always gave us safety. It was the room where my sister and I could be free. “I’m tired of living like this Ava,” she said with sadness and fear. I sighed. I hated it too, but what could we do? “I know,” I said. I really did know. I lay back on my bed. Soon. Soon this would be over.

Niall’s POV

I went through it again. Tweets about how people hated me. Tweets about how I was ugly and I didn't belong in the band. I didn't know why I paid attention to this. It was only bringing me down. “Niall?” Harry questioned as he sat on the couch. “Yeah?” I questioned looking up from my phone and putting it away. “We’re gonna meet up with Ed, he’s here in the states,” he answered. I nodded. “Do you want to come?” he questioned. I debated whether to go. Maybe this would help take things out of my head for a while. “Sure,” I said as I got up from the couch.

Ava’s POV

We were outside. We sat at the top of our old tree house. We used to be here all the time when we were small. My dad and brother built it. It was where we had time to breathe and think. It was small and not much of it was left. It had a couple of toys left. This is where we would cry. This is the closest we got to escaping our fears. The closest to privacy. This is where we kept pictures of my mother. Our place.

“How much longer?” Anne questioned. Her tone filled with frustration. Who could blame her? “Patience Anne,” I replied, “Patience.” They said patience was the key to greatness and happiness. Hopefully they were right.

“I never thought that it be easy, ‘cause we both so distant now, and the walls are closing in on us, and we’re wondering how,” my sister and I finished singing ‘Down to Earth’ by Justin Bieber. We had been back at our room lying down on the big bed that belonged to both of us. Listening to music always took our mind off things. Music made us change so much. It made us escape from our reality. It made is happy. No matter what we’ve been going through, music was here for us. Always.

Niall’s POV

We went to visit Ed for a while. We didn't discuss any music though; it was all chat and games. We joked around and teased each other. It helped me take my mind off of things. Now we were back at the hotel. “I’m kind of hungry,” I said. “Oh, now you’re hungry,” Liam said reminding me of yesterday’s events.  I grinned, “Yeah Liam, now I’m hungry.” He chuckled, “What do you want to eat now Nialler?” I thought about it for a while, “I don’t know, I’m up for some McDonalds.”

Liam and I drove up to McDonalds, well accompanied by security of course. And by security I mean Paul. We went through the drive thru and ordered different meals for the boys. We drove by different places. Neighborhoods that were unfamiliar. Houses that were different. Though, we saw some houses we had seen before. I knew that even though Paul didn't want to admit it, we were lost.

“Paul, give it up, we’re lost,” Liam said. Paul looked back at us as I agreed. “Liam is right,” I said. We stopped in front of a neighborhood and Liam looked for directions on his phone. I texted the rest of the boys and told them we’d be a bit late.

I looked outside the tinted windows; houses very different from the ones in Europe. Not all houses had their lights turned on. Some didn't have one single car in the driveway. Most looked alive, even at night. One caught my eye though. It was a two story white house. The house was meant to be beautiful, but there was something missing. The door had some mirror pieces in it. Some of those pieces were shattered. The front lawn was meant to be clean with the small fountain running but it wasn’t. The grass was over grown and it just looked dirty. The house couldn’t be abandoned. A room had its lights turned on.

“Niall?” Liam questioned interrupting my thoughts. I looked at him, “Yeah?” He gave me a confused look. “I’ve been asking if you texted the boys?” he answered. I felt stupid, “Yeah, I already told them.” He nodded and Paul drove off.

Ava’s POV

“I want this to finish, you know,” my sister said as she lay on the bed next to me. I knew what she meant. I knew everything each and every word that was spoken.

“I know,” I said, “I know.” What else could I say? What more could I do than what I have already done. We’ve risked our lives. We’ve risked them too much. But, this time would be different. I had so much faith and hope.

***** Next Morning *****

“It’s time to count the money before he comes,” I said to my sister. I went to my drawer. A small box that had pictures of Justin and One Direction all over it, sat beside my jewelry box. I grabbed the box and placed it on the bed. My sister was already sitting on the bed. I sat in front of her and opened the box. The money I had saved for a long time, sat there. I took it out and started counting.

“I hope this is enough,” my sister said as we began counting.

We counted for a while. Dollar by dollar. Making sure we counted each one. Done. We were finally done. I waited until my sister was done with her part. It took a couple of more minutes. She finished and she placed it in front of her.

“How much did you collect?” I asked her. I was nervous it wasn’t enough.

She looked at me. A small smile appeared on her face. “Three hundred and twenty three dollars,” she said. I was stunned. Had we really collected that much?

“How much did you count?” She asked me.

I looked at the pile of money in front of me. “Two hundred and fifty six,” I replied with a smile. We had exactly $579. We did it. We collected enough money. I grinned. “Let’s do this,” I said.

We went to the garage and grabbed a big duffle bag. We went upstairs and started packing clothes. We took everything we could in the bag. My mom’s things, photos, anything really. We didn't get food yet, we had to do more things first. My sister and I grabbed the clothes we didn't want and put them in a separate bag. We also but shoes and jewelry that weren’t needed anymore. She grabbed the bag and we left the house. We had to do things right this time.

We went to the nearest thrift shop. We needed more money. We talked to the clerk and showed her our clothes. She knew us. She knew what we went through.

“Look girls,” she said, “I’m going to give you the money you need because I want to help you.” We nodded. She was a big help. She knew my mother. She knew everything that happened to us. She was one of our friends. She helped us. She looked through the clothes and things. She gave us $89 in total. It helped. We ran out of the store and headed to the plaza nearby. We had $668 dollars now.

We had to hurry. That man would be calling home in about an hour. Everything was calculated. Every detail was counted. We entered Radio Shack. We immediately asked for help. The young man, whose name tag read Jacob, helped us.

“We need a cell phone,” I spoke urgently.

He nodded, “What type do you need?” It really didn't matter. I just needed one, and fast.

“I need one that can forward calls to my house phone,” I replied. He nodded and excused himself. He went to the back. He quickly came back with a box in his hand and a card on the other.

“I found this one,” he spoke, “It forwards calls and it’s the cheapest I could find. Here is a $30 dollar card. It has a lot of minutes. I’m pretty sure this is the one you’re looking for.”

I nodded, “Yes, that’s the one. Can you please activate it?” He nodded, “I’ll do it in no time.”

Anne was staring at the guy. I pulled her away, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m scared,” she replied, “I’m just so paranoid. What if that guy knows Jack?”

“He doesn’t,” I answered. He didn’t. That man didn't talk to anybody. Most people feared him. Nobody dared to talk to him. Nobody except his co workers.

“Ready,” Jacob said.  I got the money out and paid for it. “Take care,” he said as we walked away, “Call me if you need anything.”

I stopped in my tracks. Call me? I looked at the phone and his number was there. I looked up and nodded, “I will.”

Anne and I ran home. We had to be there in time. We had to. We finally got there. The phone started ringing. Oh shoot! Anne tried opening the door, but she dropped the key twice. She was nervous. I grabbed the key and quickly opened it. I dashed to the phone, “Hello?”

“What the hell took you so long to answer?” he yelled.

“Sorry,” I replied, “I was in the bathroom and Anne couldn’t here over the washing machine.” I lied to him. I had too.

“Whatever,” he said, “I just wanted to make sure you guys were ok.” Lies. Lies, lies, lies. What he really meant was he wanted to make sure we were home.

“We’re fine,” I replied.

“That’s good,” he lied, “I called to say I’m going to be a day late because I have to keep working.” Lies. He was lying. He was really going to go with some of the workers to drink.

“Ok,” I said, “Is that all?” He took breath, “Yeah.” He hung up and I sighed. Thank god he wasn’t coming back yet.

We went upstairs and finished what we were doing. Tomorrow would be the day. Tomorrow.

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