Louis T. Niall H. And Me

Emma is from Philly and never thought she would meet a celebrity, but her plane takes her to the wrong country and she is overly exited when she meets One Direction. She finds out she can relate to two boys the most- Niall and Louis. She gets a little too friendly with them and has to choose ONLY one boy.


3. Why France??

BEFORE I START I WANNA APOLIGIZE FOR SPELLING SCREW UPS!!! And yes I know how to spell Horan!!! It was auto corected!

Harry's POV
I think that Emma is beautiful. No dout bout it! I needed to tell her something.

We walked out into the kitchen and sat there.

"Why France?" I wondered.
"I...I was going to the concert! But now I'm here!" She was really shaking.
"You ok, love?" She fainted. Everyone ran in the kitchen and stared at me.
"HARRY WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!" Lou yelled. "DID YOU HURT HER?!?!" "No! She fainted after I asked her something and she was shaking and....and....and." I couldn't find the words.

Emma's POV

"Did he call me love?" Niall was with me. Only him. "Where is he? Harry I mean." Niall pointed to a door on the left and I started a conversation with Niall.
"So... When so you guys go to France?" No reply. "Are you ok? What's the number for Nando's??" I wondered. His face lit up like a balloon! I knew it! Food. Food works.
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