Louis T. Niall H. And Me

Emma is from Philly and never thought she would meet a celebrity, but her plane takes her to the wrong country and she is overly exited when she meets One Direction. She finds out she can relate to two boys the most- Niall and Louis. She gets a little too friendly with them and has to choose ONLY one boy.


2. The Others

He helped me out and led me to the house. "Come on in! They won't hurt you. And hurry up!! I'm hungry!!" Niall yelled. I sprinted out and into the house. One word- HUGE!! I loved it! "Hi. Who are you?" Louis!!! "I'm Emma!" "And your here WHY?" Zayn!!! At that point every one was around me and I told them the story. Theta when they all looked at Niall. "If you say a girl cry like she does you would too!" Niall protested. They asked me all of these random questions and I couldn't keep up. I yelled "Let me breath!!" They backed away. "Hey Emma can I talk to you alone?" Harry.
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