Louis T. Niall H. And Me

Emma is from Philly and never thought she would meet a celebrity, but her plane takes her to the wrong country and she is overly exited when she meets One Direction. She finds out she can relate to two boys the most- Niall and Louis. She gets a little too friendly with them and has to choose ONLY one boy.


8. The news

Louis' POV

My phone rang. I didn't know the number. "H-h-hello?" All I could do was wonder who was calling. "Is this Louis Tomlinson?" Oh no. It was the hospital! "Your mother wanted you to be the first to know that she has brest cancer." He hung up and I felt weak. Cancer?

Emma's POV

"Louie!!" He was on the ground sobbing. He told me to come up stairs. As I walked up Louie threw me over his shoulder and onto the bed. "My mom has..." Louis was about to cry as the others ran in. "Louie you left your phone down there and your mum texted you. She wants you to tell us." Harry informed him. "Cancer. She has cancer." Oh no! "I know how it feels. My mom had cancer." I whispered. They all looked at me and Louie and left.
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