Louis T. Niall H. And Me

Emma is from Philly and never thought she would meet a celebrity, but her plane takes her to the wrong country and she is overly exited when she meets One Direction. She finds out she can relate to two boys the most- Niall and Louis. She gets a little too friendly with them and has to choose ONLY one boy.


5. Louis

We got back from the mall and Louis asked to talk to me. He said I looked sad. "We'll when we were shopping my boyfriend texted me. He said we were done." I whispered. Louis looked at me and leaned it. Close, close, and soon we were nose to nose kissing. He backed away. "Sorry. I-I-I should..." I leaned in and it happened again. "Don't be sorry!"

Louis' POV

She was amazing! "Would you like to go to the movies?" She said yes. "How about tonight. Just us or everyone?" I asked. "All of us! I'll go tell them" and she was off.

Emma's POV

Me and Lou??? Wow! I ran up to Liam to tell him about the movie. "Liam! Wanna see a movie tonight?" "Who is going?" I told him not anyone but me and Louis. "You know what! I'm not in a movie mood tonight." Oh... Still only two. The same happened with Harry and Zayn. I got yo Niall and he said sure! Yeah!! I told Louis and he didn't look happy.

Louis' POV

Oh, Niall is going. Emma asked me if I was ok. "Don't worry, love! Im fine." But I know Niall is crazy for her. She leaned up and kissed me. "You should go get ready." I suggested. She did. I ran out of the kitchen and begged Harry to come. "No. Have fun with Emma!" He joked. "And Niall!" Liam added. I told them I need someone between Niall and Emma!" I hissed. "Uhh! Ok Lou!" Harry sighed. Thank you!!
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