Louis T. Niall H. And Me

Emma is from Philly and never thought she would meet a celebrity, but her plane takes her to the wrong country and she is overly exited when she meets One Direction. She finds out she can relate to two boys the most- Niall and Louis. She gets a little too friendly with them and has to choose ONLY one boy.


1. The plane to the wrong place

My mom is gone. My dad is gone. Im alone. On a plane. From Ohio to France to meet my aunt.

The plane feels cold and I wanna get to France NOW! And as I take my seat I feel like I'm blushing. No no no I'm screaming in my head. Ok it's out load!! I'm next to THE Niall Horren!! As I sit down ever so slowly I tap him on the shoulder.

"HOLY CRAP YOU ARE NIALL FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!!" He looks at me and wonders if we know each other and I whisper I flipping wish.

"So your going to England?" He wonders and I laugh and say sure. He tells me that's where this plane goes and I almost faint on him.

"ENGLAND???" I whisper too loud and I choke on my breath.
We landed and I cry. He asked what's wrong and I said that I wanted to go to France.

"We'll, you can come with me maybe?" He tries to invite me. I say why not and hop into a cab.
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