Why didn't I find him before? I spent my whole life blindly chasing someone I don't even know, and trying to kill him for reasons I didn't even know! But all this time, I could have just looked somewhere for him. Escaped my life. Of course, then Hunter and I would become hunted. And that brings complications, no?


1. Chapter One - Marley


Chapter One

“Marley, adjust your aim!” Eve said, frustrated. “It’s not a bow and arrow. It’s a gun. It’s not that hard to aim!”

I’d been shooting the same bulletproof target for three hours. I hit the target every single time! And come on, during attacks, what am I going to aim at, anyway? We all shoot aimlessly at some abandoned building until Wynn says that the suspect escaped and we have to look somewhere else for him.

“I hit the target every time!” I groaned at her. “Why do I have to keep shooting at it? It’s not like we shoot at a target in real life, anyway.”

“You have to perfect your craft!” Eve defended herself.

“What craft? Shooting at old buildings until we finally find out who this ‘suspect’ is?”

“In general.” She squirmed in her seat until she found herself in a confident looking position. “I come up with good plans.”

“I think a better one would to be to get the whole team to surround the building and capture Mr. Suspect from the inside!” I reasoned with her, holding my gun slack in my hand.

“Don’t you dare shoot that accidentally!” Eve warned, getting up from the bench in our large, high-fenced off yard. That’s where the attackers of our team practice shooting and attacking and whatnot.

“Sorry, sorry.” I handed it to her.

“Bob!” Derrick popped his head out of the house. He’s like a big brother. He’s around two years older than me, annoying, and teases me because my name is Marley. I’m sorry, but my mom has a thing for stupid names. “Adrianne wants you.”

I groaned. “Fine. What does she want?”

“I don’t know, but she sounds mad.”

I apologized to Eve and slumped my way inside to her office. And if my mom is mad, I have a reason to slump.

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