Dear Asa

14 year old Liza Ross is just a normal teen until she realizes she has a not really human double, a twin of sorts named Asa. But is this "twin" as nice as she says she is?


2. Asa

Liza whipped around. On the ceiling was a girl that looked almost identical Liza, she drifted down to were Liza stood.

Liza stumbled backward, hitting her head on her wooden desk.

"Liza!" her mother called "Are you Okay?"

"Yeah mom, I'm fine!" she answered back. But inside she was not, her heart was pounding and her limbs felt like they weighted 1,000,000 pounds. Her lips her were trembling and she wanted to scream. Hold it together, Liza  she thought This is all just your imagination

"This is not your imagination, Liza." The creature finally spoke.

"How did you know I was thinking that?" Asked Liza while trying to stand up.

"I know more abut you than you think." Replied the creature. " I am you." Liza stood there in shock for at least 20 minutes "Really, Still processing?" Said the creature while examining her nails 

"I- I'm sorry, you CAN"T be me. I'm me, you're y-you, I'm n-not you and you're not M-M-ME!" studded Liza.

"Come with me." said the creature reaching out for Liza's hand. Liza sceptically took the gesture and walked with her into the bathroom. "Look in the mirror," said the creature "we're exactly alike."

"But we are also VERY different." spoke Liza putting force on the word VERY.

Both of these statements were very true. While Liza had brown hair, the creature had blond. Same thing with eyes, Liza brown, creature blue. Even their shirts were different. Liza had on a blue plaid shirt. The creature had on the exact same shirt but in pink. Even though their features were different, their face was the exact same. "By the way," spoke the creature "my name is Asa."

"Okay Asa, why are you here?" questioned Liza

"I'm here to help you though life, be your twin, just like you said in your room."

"Okay," agreed Liza "you can help me though life, but do you know anything about life?"

"Of course I do!" laughed Asa "Mine is just already done."


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