Dear Asa

14 year old Liza Ross is just a normal teen until she realizes she has a not really human double, a twin of sorts named Asa. But is this "twin" as nice as she says she is?


1. The Girl On The Wall

"Just shut up!!" 14 year old Liza screamed into her cell phone before slamming it onto her pillow. "AAAGGGGGGHHHHH!! Why does life have to be to so complicated!?" Liza had long wavy light brown hair, brown eyes and the perfect olive skin. She was very popular, but in a good way. She was perfect, she was hot, smart, popular, and hot. A guys dream girl. She could be dating the most popular boy if she wanted to. Her best friends were Hanah and Scottie, (AN you might notice that I right about my friends Hanah who is hanah.j and Scottie who is hopeless wanderer check out their movellas)

"Life is a game Liza." her mother said walking into my room.

"Every heard of KNOCKING!?" Liza yelled throwing a pillow at her. 

"Just trying to help." she said walking out "God, teens." she whispered.

" I HEARD THAT!" Liza yelled, She got out of bed and started walking in circles. " I just wish I had a different life, or, or a TWIN! Oh my god, that would be awesome!" Liza said.

"Wish granted." whispered a mysterious voice.

Liza whipped around. On the ceiling was a girl that looked almost identical Liza, she drifted down to were Liza stood.

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