From the Start

Milly, a beaten teenager who is struggling with life, goes out one day behind her father's back. She sits down on the bench and cries. Crying for it all to be over. She doesn't know she will find the hardest thing she has ever gone through. Love. As soon as Zayn comes into her life, she feels as if she is bursting at the seams. The sweet moments are tear-bringing. The bad moments are excruciating. So read this story, and mess with your emotions. I dare you.


5. The Pranks

Me- "Good!"

Zayn- "It's getting late, maybe we should hit the hay."

Me- "Zayn sweetie, stop being ridiculous. Obviously there is no hay to hit here!"

Louis- "Nice one!"

Harry- "She is awesome!"

Liam- "Let's watch toy story!"

Niall- "I'll get Nando's!"

Me- "Louis, can I talk to you?"

Louis- "Yeah!"

Me- "Let's switch out Toy Story with a scary movie!"

Louis- "GENIUS!"

Liam- "Okay guys! I put it in!"

Louis and I exchange a glance.

Liam- "AHHHHHH!!!!!"

Louis- *Laughing*

Me- "Liam! Oh No! Louis, why?"

Louis- "But! You planned it!"

Zayn- "Louis! Blaming it on a girl! Liam, who do you think is responsible?"

Liam- "LOUIS!"

Me- "Naw, I did it."

Louis- "BA-BAM!"

Harry- "I love this girl!"


A/N: Just wanted to say I love my AmaZayn readers!

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