From the Start

Milly, a beaten teenager who is struggling with life, goes out one day behind her father's back. She sits down on the bench and cries. Crying for it all to be over. She doesn't know she will find the hardest thing she has ever gone through. Love. As soon as Zayn comes into her life, she feels as if she is bursting at the seams. The sweet moments are tear-bringing. The bad moments are excruciating. So read this story, and mess with your emotions. I dare you.


1. The Beatings

"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SIGHT! NOW!" My father screamed.I was used to  the beatings, but it was getting worse. He just got done raping me. My own father. He started acting like this after he started getting drunk. That was about two months ago after my mother, sister, and brother died. He blamed it on me, but I knew he was just a mindless drunk looking for the prey. I listened for the sickening snores of his passing out. They finally came and I walked out the door for the first time in eight months. The fresh smell of air. Not smoke and alcohol, not women and slaps. It was nice. I had already packed my bags and I had just taken all of the money from the place he kept it. I could care less about him going broke, and I decided I had to settle down for the night, since it was already 7:30. I sat down on a park bench and fell asleep, cosmetics covering the scratches of my face and soul.

Yes indeed, it was a hard life, but, in my opinion, I would be better off like this. Cold, nineteen, and beaten. Don't feel bad. I have enough sorrow to fill the world. Don't make it worse. My dreams were nightmares, and my life was, too. Milly, welcome to the dream world. 

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