From the Start

Milly, a beaten teenager who is struggling with life, goes out one day behind her father's back. She sits down on the bench and cries. Crying for it all to be over. She doesn't know she will find the hardest thing she has ever gone through. Love. As soon as Zayn comes into her life, she feels as if she is bursting at the seams. The sweet moments are tear-bringing. The bad moments are excruciating. So read this story, and mess with your emotions. I dare you.


9. Meet the Parent(s)

Milly's P.O.V.

The boys and I were at Mac Donald's when I saw a face I never wanted to see again.

Me- "Zayn?"

Zayn- "Yes?"

Me- "B-Bill is h-here..."

And sure enough Bill (My Dad) came walking up to us with a blonde haired woman who definitely smoked and was wearing a tight dress with ten inch high heels, no joke. She looked like a piece of crap and looked like she was going to kill me by winning a staring contest.

Bill- "Well you little jerk, meet the parents." He said to Zayn.

I almost gagged.

Me- "Your married to that?!"


Me- "Step MOTHER? More like STEP MONSTER!"

Bill- "You little -"

Me- "Have fun on your police escort to the jail house, BILL!"

Bill- "I will be back you little-"

But he had already been carried off, although I had an idea he was going to say some profanity... 

Zayn, meet the parent(s), and for Jesus Sakes! Someone get the step monster out of here!

Step Monster- "I have custody of you Mildred!"

Me- "I'm... Zayn, i'm only seventeen. It's true."

Zayn- "We'll get it fixed love, don't worry."

Step Monster- "I went and got papers earlier. You, Mildred Grace Parks, are I, Tiffany Dona Lancing's daughter in law! Don't worry Mildred, I will make it nice and painful!"


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