From the Start

Milly, a beaten teenager who is struggling with life, goes out one day behind her father's back. She sits down on the bench and cries. Crying for it all to be over. She doesn't know she will find the hardest thing she has ever gone through. Love. As soon as Zayn comes into her life, she feels as if she is bursting at the seams. The sweet moments are tear-bringing. The bad moments are excruciating. So read this story, and mess with your emotions. I dare you.


2. A Man

I woke up on the cold bench feeling free as a bird. I needed to find work, so I went over to the Jack Wills and scored a job there. Yes, I was one lucky duck. My boss said I worked harder than any other employee he had ever had, and started paying me more money. I would be able to have my own apartment in about three months if I kept this job. I was headed to a real life!

Then a man came up to the front desk. His dark brown quiff highlighted with a blonde streak, almond eyes glistening. 

Me- "Hello. Is this all you have?"

Man- "Yes. Excuse me, but what is your name?"

Me- "My name?"

Man- "Yes, your name."

Me- "Millie."

Man- "Zayn. Zayn Malik. Would you mind me asking something, Millie?"

Me- "Not at all, Zayn."

Zayn- "Why didn't you call the police?"

Me- "Excuse me?"

Zayn- "I have watched you because I went to school with you. I had a crush on you. Now I am in One Direction. I saw the beatings." 

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