They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


9. Chapter 9


"She moved, I think they are awake." Harry whispered. "We'll in order to get to the fridge we have to crawl over the bed, and I'm HUNGRY!" Niall said. I heard the whole conversation, but my eyes were closed. "Okay, either you wake them up or I'm going to try to jump over the bed, and we both now it's not going to end well...." Niall joked. "Okay, fine," harry replied. I decided to wake up now, I sat up. Harry looked me me and motioned for me to be quiet. He snuck over to Jazzie and then started poking her head. She wouldn't wake up. So Niall immediately starting jumping on the bed, she sat up so fast and didn't know harry was sitting on the edge of the bed and he patted her on the head. It was quite funny to watch. Niall crawled over us and made a mad dash to the fridge. We jumped out of bed and pushed the fold out bed back into the couch. Our plane would leave in an hour and we were about three hours away from New York. It was time to call our parents.    I picked up my phone and dialed my mom’s cell phone number. "Mom, its Katie. Yeah, the plane ride here was awesome, we sat beside the boys, and yeah they were on the same plane. They gave us backstage passes too. The concert was phenomenal, yup. So, listen um, something happened last night. We got in a car accident....except we weren't in a car. Yeah, we're okay now. Yes someone helped, who, oh um, Paul, harry, and Niall. Yes, one direction. We saw a doctor, Jazzie was hurt worse, but she's okay now. So because of all that happened we missed our flight, but were on the boy’s tour bus. I know mom, yes, can we? REALLY! Thank you so much!" I hung up and said "IT'S A YES!"    "Really? Why?" Jazzie questioned. "She said it would be a good experience and that since we're homeschooled it's all good." I said. Everyone was a bit shocked but so excited. "That's awesome, welcome aboard" Niall said. We moved things around and Jazzie and I got assigned to the guest room. Paul said that he would keep checking in on us, but he had his own car and he stayed in hotels instead. We were so happy. Christmas was coming and we were spending it with One Direction.     Everyone was still asleep so I got up and logged onto my school. Christmas break had started so I didn't need to worry about it for a while. I was still in pajamas. Since we had no luggage, we defiantly needed to do some shopping. I made breakfast for everyone. By the time they woke up it was lunch time, but they had a big night last night. I would expect them to sleep all day actually. Jazzie was next to get up. "Hey girl, sleep good?" I said as I greeted my best friend. "Yeah, but, I should really call my parents, I’ll be right back" she said as she went back to the room. I went with her so I could change. I put back on the clothes we wore at the concert, since there was nothing else, and then I went back out and sat down on the couch. I'm glad I brought my purse with me to the concert because it had my iPod, money, and license in it. Otherwise they would still be at the hotel. I plugged in my ear buds and started listening to my music. Niall walked in all groggy and he's still half asleep and he walks over to the table and eats his food. I watch him as he somehow eats everything without opening his eyes. It's hilarious really. He finally wakes up a bit and he gets up and flops down on the couch beside me. "Morning" he says, and stretches out on the couch. His feet lying across my lap, they were incredibly heavy, but he's Niall, so I don't say anything. "Watcha listing to?" He asks. Remembering I'm listing to their song heart attack I quickly say, "Nothing" and since I can't get up because he has the worlds heaviest feet, he grabs the iPod and unplugs the earbuds. By this time heart attack was over and I would is playing now, it's actually niall's solo. "Well, this must be awkward for you Katie. Your listing to me, haha" niall laughed. "Hey, you’re still my favorite band, so, yeh, I'm going to listen to my favorite songs" I wink and grab back my iPod. Jazzie walks in and looks at us then rolls her eyes and laughs. "Well, what did she say?" I asked her. Jazzie quickly replied, "she said that she will miss me but she knows that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and she knows I'd hate her forever if she said no, so, haha it's a yes, but we have to visit home at least once." Niall laughs, "yeah, party time" he says. We laugh and then Niall moves he legs so Jazzie can sit down. Jazzie sits down and we watch TV. The bus comes to a stop and we stop at a radio station studio. Harry walks out if his room and says, "interview today" then looks at us. "Would you mind staying in here? We don't exactly need people knowing, ya know, I hate to hide ya, but yeah" Jazzie and I look at each other than back at harry, "of course we don't mind, besides, we need to go shopping, we have no other clothes, haha..." I say. Harry nods then walks over to the closet and hands us a card. "Here, it's on us" then he winks, Zayn walks in. "Hey while you’re out, get me socks, I left mine at our hotel, and yeah" we nod and say okay. "Get me some food" niall adds, "I want something too!" Lou says as he walks in the room. We get up and start to head out, "anything else your highnesses?" Jazzie says. Liam walks in dressed and ready for the interview, harry says, "Liam wants a spoon" Liam rolls his eyes and shakes his head no. We all laugh a bit. We wave goodbye and walk out of the bus. "Call me when you’re reedy to be picked up, okay?" Niall asks as we head out, "okay" I said.       We snuck out of the bus so no one saw us. We headed to a shopping center that was only a few blocks away. We talked about how crazy this whole experience has been. We got to the store and went inside. Harry's credit card was in Jazzes’ pocket. What if we need a signature to pay? Guess we will find out. Jazzie sent harry a quick text asking him the same thing. We went to the clothes section and got the essentials. Jeans, cute T-shirts, pajamas, and other important items, like makeup and hair stuff. We went and got Zayn his socks, Niall's food, we got Lou a beanie since he said just "get me something" and harry and Liam didn't ask for anything so we just kept going. We go to the checkout and we handed the cashier the card, just as he swiped the card Jazzie got a reply from harry, "no, u should be okay" and he was right. It was a prepaid card so we were all good.   The guys were still in the interview so we went to lunch, I got a spork with my salad and decided to keep it as a joke towards Liam. I called Niall, "Hullu, this is Niall, oh hey, yea, were done now, okay well pick you up in about 10 min, if we don't get caught in fan traffic, haha yeah. K bye" Niall said. I hung up the phone. We sat at the restaurant and waited for the boys bus to come around the back to pick us up.    We snuck to the back and looked around, there was no one there. The bus pulled up and we got in. I put the bags on the ground. "What did you get me?" Lou said as he ran to the bags. "Haha okay, don't be too excited," I handed him his beanie, "YESSSSSS" he said as he put it on his head and walked dizzily around like the funny adorable idiot he was. I handed niall a bag of chips, because honestly I had no idea what to get this boy. "You said food, so here ya go" I said. He smiled and sat down and started eating right away. Then harry whispered to Jazzie "did you get him the spoon" Jazzie laughed and handed harry the Spork. Harry turned and ran to Liam, “truce?" As he handed him the Spork. Liam laughed and took it from harry. We all sat down that night and watched a movie. Jazzie and I sat on the couch with Liam and Zayn. Niall, harry, and Lou sat on the floor at our feet. Liam put in the newest batman movie. It was the perfect way to end our day.  
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