They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


8. Chapter 8

~ 1 hour later ~

"Nothing's broken, you are lucky girls" said the doctor. "Just stay on the medication and you should be fine in a week or so" then she handed us the pills. "Niall, harry, take them to the bus, I need to talk to the doc." Paul said. Harry took Jazzie's hand and walked her to the bus. Niall and I walked side by side to the bus. Once inside harry suggested a movie and Liam and Lou and zayn agreed. They all sat down on the couch. I went and sat down at the table. Niall came and sat across from me. "So what really happened?" He asked sympathetically. I looked at him then I sighed, "Well, when we left the backstage, some girls got a little upset, and they started pushing us around a bit, then when you guys started to leave they pushed us into the street and well, you know what happened next". Niall looked at me for a bit, "wow, some fans". He said. Paul walked back inside, "girls, the doc says you are going to need rest, try not to walk around as much as possible" we nodded in agreement with Paul. Then Lou’s phone started ringing, he looked at the ID, "its uncle Simon" oh boy, this ought to be good. "Hey uncle si', oh... Sure...20 min......... Uhh... Yeah that's fine... Okay... You too...bye..." He hung up... "HE'S COMING" Lou screamed. "What!" Harry yelled, "oh no" niall added. "You do know what this means right?" Liam said, "yeah, HIDE!" Zayn growled. Niall looked at me and asked me if I trusted him, obviously I said yes. He took my hand and we rushed to the back of the bus, "ummmm, let’s see, where to hide ya two" Niall looked around. "Well, the washing machine is always an option" Louis said. I looked at him like he was crazy....which, he was. Harry walked back and said, "Under the bed?" We shrugged and they hid us under the bed. "This is Liam's so it should be pretty clean... Hopefully" Zayn said. Yup, my best friend and I are hiding from Simon Cowel under Liam Payne's bed. The world insane just got a whole new meaning. The boys all ran back and niall peeked down, "need anything?" He laughed. "Nope we're good," Jazzie whispered. Niall got up and shut the door and ran out just in time, we heard Simon come on the bus. It felt like we were under there for hours, I even dozed off for a bit, Jazzie did too. I woke up to harry poking my face. "What" I whispered. "Um, yeah, he's gone, so you can come out now" harry said. I shake Jazzie awake, and told her. After squirming out from under the bed we walked out to the couch, "so now what?" Jazzie asked my thoughts exactly.

"I'm dead tired, I mean less than four hours ago we played MSG," Liam said. I had totally forgotten. It was around one in the morning. I didn't even know where we were, I mean the bus just kept on going. We were long out of New York. "Um, so where are we anyway?" I asked. "Well according to this schedule we are headed to LA." Lou answered. "What!" Jazzie yelled, "but...well...can we? Are you taking us....? I'm very confused" I said. Harry ran to Paul's room and came back looking like he just won a million dollars. "Well, I have a suggestion. You guys are from Pennsylvania right? Well, we go there this summer, and until then, wanna join us? Your cyber schooled right? So we can make it work!" He looked at us hopefully. I looked at niall, and then he said "well, what do you say? Want to come on tour with us?" That was a no brainier, but we made it look like we had to think about it, "we'd love to" Jazzie replied. The boys cheered. Now just convincing the parents. It was about four in the morning and Paul said we could discuss it later, but right now we all had to sleep. Lou opened up the pull out couch and made the bed. Harry gave Jazzie and me t-shirts and we said goodnight and the boys left the room. I looked over at jazzie, she was practically hugging herself because of whose shirt she was in. I Laughed then rolled over and fell asleep.
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