They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


7. Chapter 7

The giant metal doors that read "private access only- do not enter" opened up and we walked through.

There were a handful of people backstage, the stylist, the security guards, us, and soon the boys. They were still getting their mic packs off, and since Niall was filming the 3D movie, he had to get the camera removed as well. We made small talk with the crew and talked about how we met them on the plane. Paul confirmed the story, just to let everyone know we weren't lying, the girls also agreed. Besides, we had our passes to prove it. We met Harry's mom, she was super sweet, and excited. She said "I'm surprising him, he didn't know I came". The doors swung open and the boys came running in, "MUM" harry yelled, as he flung himself at his mom, the boy was almost in tears, "I thought you weren't cumin" he said. "We'll surprise!" She said. It was so sweet to watch. We stood back and and watched as the crew congratulated the boys on a job well done, then we saw the girlfriends greet their boys. Lou picked up Eleanor and spun her around. Zayn kissed the top of Perrie's hand, he was such a gentleman, and Liam gave Danielle the world’s biggest hug. Harry was talking to his mom when niall nudged him and pointed in our direction. Harry suddenly became very cool again, and whispered something to Niall. Jazzie and I pretended to talk to each other so we weren't awkwardly staring at them. Niall and harry walked over to us, "good to see you again ladies, did you enjoy the show?" Harry said all gentlemen like. "Oh forget that you stiff" niall joked. He stuck his arms out and gave me a big hug. Harry laughed and bowed and said "may I, miss jasmine?" We laughed as harry hugged her.

Niall had his arm resting on my shoulder as he leaned over and said, "What was your favorite part of the show?" I had to think about this question, "well, the jumping contest was pretty awesome, but um, my favorite would be your solos... Especially moments" I said while blushing and looking down. Zayn shouted from across the room "HEY LOOK, She's smiling at the ground!!!" We all laughed. Niall looked at me, "that was my favorite too" he winked. "What about you babe?" Harry laughed, "we'll I loved little things, and oh, the accent competition" Jazzie said. "Yeah, my accent is totally the best" harry joked. "Oh I agree" said Harry's mum as she came up to us. "Well boys, introduce me to these two young ladies" she said. "Mum, this is Jasmine, she's coolest fan you will ever meet, possibly the prettiest too" harry said. "Well how do I top that intro?" Niall said. I laughed, "Well, this is Katie, she's awesome, and we met on the plane trip. And well, hopefully I’ll be able to get her know her more" he said. I gave Niall a quick hug, he kept his arm around me for a bit. "Well boys, I hate to say it, but we should get moving..." Paul said. Harry pouted and Niall got real quiet. "Okay," they all said gloomily. I was so thankful for everything that already happened that I wasn't upset, I just was so happy I got to meet them at all. The boys packed up and Paul showed us the back way out. Jazzie and I walked out the door. As soon as we stepped out there were about ten girls outside by their bus, waiting for the boys to come out. When they saw us they got real mad, i got a little scared. They stared shouting at us, and shoving us around. They were so busy with us, they didn't even notice the boys come out and get in the bus. I heard the buss start and everyone turned around to wave. Two girls pushed Jazzie and I right into the street, I fell and hit the pavement. I didn't remember much if what happened next, it was all a blur, I heard Jazzie scream, and I felt pain. Tremendous pain, it started in my side and went through my whole body. I fell to the ground with a thud and the other people's screams were heard. "Go! Hurry, I don't want to be arrested!" Someone yelled, and then people were leaving. I wanted to cry for help but the pain was to overpowering. I tried to stand up, I saw Jazzie clutching her leg, I tried to help her but I just fell over again. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Paul running over yelling something, "boys, stay in the buss, don’t move girls!" I felt Paul feeling for a pulse then he picked up Jazzie and helps her stand up. "Katie!" Niall cried, "I said stay in the buss niall" Paul warned. Niall ran over to me and helped me up, he started to walk me to the sidewalk but then paparazzi showed up. Paul said, "BUS! Now, bring her with you, we don't need this in the news papers!" I was walking too slowly, so Niall just scooped me up. Jazzie was limping along beside Paul up the stairs, and into the bus. Niall carried me then Zayn helped once we got inside. Niall handed me over to him. "I'm fine really, put me down its okay" I said. Zayn slowly put me down. But as soon as my feet touched the ground, I started to fall over. "Oh no you don't" Lou said as he placed me on a chair. I heard Jazzie crying. "We need a doctor, now... Zayn call Christi,” Paul said.
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