They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


6. Chapter 6

We woke up, wide eyed, and heart flipping out. Today was concert day! Jazzie was already up and walking about, she checked her twitter, 200 new followers. Just because harry followed her. I decided to check mine. Niall and zayn followed me, 400 new followers, and some hate mail, but I let it go. I went to the bathroom to get ready. I did my makeup and so did Jazzie, then I got dressed. I slipped on my new jeans and my floral tank that went under my lace shirt. I slipped on my jewelry that I wore the day I met the boys. I put on my pink converse and went to do my hair. I started to do my hair when I asked Jazzie to do it instead. She's so much better at doing hair styles than me. She pulled it back in the very famous "katniss" look. Then stuck a diamond flower bobby pin to pull back the loose hair. I had to admit, I looked quite good. Jazzie looked stunning, she was wearing her black jean skirt with lace leggings and her one off shoulder shirt with the 1D logo printed in dark blue. Her perfect hair and jewelry tied the look together. We looked fabulous.

We walked down the street, looking for a cab to take us to the concert. Jasmine got one and we hopped in. I shot niall a quick text. It read "hey, we're on our way, good luck tonight. We can't wait! Congrats!" I didn't expect a response at all, but he did. "Thanks girl, I can't wait either! See u there " I smiled as I closed then clutched my phone. Yup, I'm texting Niall Horan, I let that sink in. I sat there beside Jazzie who was trying to pry the phone from my hands so she could read the txt. The phone slid out of my hand and Jazzie squealed as she read them. We drove to the VIP parking and paid the driver and got out. I fixed my shirt and Jazzie re-applied her powder. We walked side by side to the doors, we showed our passes and stepped inside.

It was amazing, lights everywhere. People.... Everywhere.... Thousands. Girls trading twitter and instagram names, pictures being snapped. We were escorted to our VIP seats. We were front row, I could touch the stage. The stage came a little below my shoulders. There was still an hour till the pre-show activities started. We wanted to be early just to make sure we didn't miss anything. As we sat down three people took up the empty seats beside us. I recognized them immediately, Danielle Peazer, Eleanor Calder, and Perrie Edwards. I'm guessing they got their VIP tickets from Liam, Lou, and Zayn. We were so honored to be sitting by them. Eleanor was sitting right beside me, she was absolutely gorgeous. The girls were so sweet. Perrie and jasmine seemed to have a lot in common. We talked for a good 20 min. Then the countdown to the show started. In 10 min. We were minutes away from the moment we had been waiting for, since December of 2011 when the tickets went on sale. We stood up and cheered as the timer counted down, 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Smoke and streamers burst out of the floor and the guys came running out. The screams were so loud you couldn't even hear your own. The boys introduced themselves, although they didn't really need to, then the concert began. They opened with "I would" and the crowed went nuts....obviously... Zayn kept sneaking looks at his girl, it was cute. During Lou's solos Eleanor would smile and sway back and forth. Danielle was just like Jazzie and I, fans, expect less screamish...

I told myself I wouldn't cry, but by the time we got to "moments" the tears were slowly starting to form. They were walking around on stage, it was Liam's solo and Niall started to look around, he immediately saw the girl friends then he looked over and saw me, he gave a huge cheesy grin, then it was time for his solo, he kept looking at me as he walked to the end of the stage. Closer and closer, the screams around me got louder and louder, then suddenly they all vanished and all I could hear was Niall's voice as he sang right to me. His solo ended but he was still half kneeling on the stage, staring at me. I smiled, and mouthed a "thank you" he took my hand and kissed the top as he blushed and jumped back into concert mode. Jazzie looks at me and we scream together... Then laugh and look back at the boys. Danielle leaned over and poked me, then she winked and laughed. We had a wonderful time, the funny twitter moments, and weird dances that harry and Niall showed off, and my favorite "who can jump the highest?" Obviously, nialler won. Next was little things, they came and sat down at the edge of the stage. Niall started strumming on the guitar, I was busy talking pictures when I noticed through my camera lens that harry was intently starring at some one, I zoomed out. Eleanor whispered something, "I think Harold has a little thing for your friend" I looked over at Jasmine who was locked eyes with harry while he sang. I mean, right at her, it was so adorable, after the song harry went over to her, reached in his pocket and slipped something in her hand. He whispered call me, as she looked at the numbers on the paper. Harry winked then turned around and they started the next song.

A few songs later and thousands of screams came the all too familiar beat. "Your insecure, don't know what for" Liam sang. Everyone screamed and sang along. Even Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor clapped and sang along. The song came to an end, Lou thanked the crowd and they said goodbye. Eleanor leaned over "are you two coming back stage?" We nodded, "okay then, stick with us, it will be a tough crowd to get through tonight." Perrie said. I looked back at jasmine who was just as excited as I was. We followed the girls who were escorted by Paul.
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