They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


35. Chapter 36

  Niall and i finally had my make up birthday date. It took forever to find a break in our schedules. Even though it was weeks, almost a month later, I didn't care. We had a fun night out, it was peaceful and quiet and i couldn't have wished for anything more.    It was April now, April 13th, and tour was in full swing. Jazzie and I were working harder than ever to keep up with our jobs. There were days when I wouldn't leave the bus because of all the work I had to do. Jazzie often needed my help with the hair and clothes and we got so good at it, we could get all the guys done in less than twenty minuets.    Eleanor and Danielle were off and on. Sometimes Danielle would get a job here and there and would be away for a week or so. Eleanor sometimes did the same thing. We all lived day to day, working and trying to make everything perfect.    Jazzie and I decided to tag along to the boys concert tonight. I hadn't actually been in the audience of their concert since Madison Square Garden, five months ago. I had watched their other concerts from backstage, it was fun to be back in the crowd. Jazzie and I had a good time. It was nice to see the boys back in their element. We had a good time and slipped backstage.    "There's my girl" Harry gave Jazzie a hug. I loved watching them together. They were so cute together. I ran over to Niall, "hey, that was awesome, you were great." Niall smiled and it was obvious that he was glad I had a good time. The rest of the guys came in and we packed up and headed out. 
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