They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


34. Chapter 35

  "I missed you so much!" Jazzie said as she greeted me with a hug. "I know, I missed you too" I smiled back. We all said our hello's to eachother and drove to the hotel we would be staying at for a few days. "How are ya doin Niall" Harry was still concerned about him. Niall quickly responed, "im doing great now, thanks mate." everyone sighed of relif knowing that the old Niall was back. "what did we miss while we were goine" i asked. "well we missed your birthday for one thing" Niall remeinded me. "i told you to let that go" I scoweled. Niall shrugged it off and said, "lets do something" he said. Why is this so important to him,sure its my 18th birthday but that really doesnt change anything right now. Or does it?    Jazzie and Eleanor rambled on and on about something that happened durring an interview while we were gone. I was only half paying attention becuase frankly i wasnt quite interested in fashion like they were. "OH MY WORD!" i ghasped. "WHAT?" Louis said desperatly, i could tell he wasnt quite intersted in the girls conversation either and now he was changing the subject onto me. "I realized i forgot to run the blog and sites while we were away, oh, mangement is going to kill me" I paced worriedly arround the room. "Well, not to be, rude, but eh, shouldn't you get started then?" Zayn laughed as he handed me my laptop and phone off the table. I nodded and ran to the couch. "Ok, who's up for an exclusive interview" I winked. The boys agreed to help and Jazzie and Danielle helped set up and fixed the boys up and I set up my phone on the table to video the interview. I made sure only the boys were seen. I asked the questions and the boys were themselves.        Every day was the same; get up, drive, blog, style, concert, signings, and screaming. Over and over, every day was the same pattern. The tour dragged on and on. I mean, it's all still so wonderful and I'm very great full to be here, but it's getting tiring. My thoughts were interrupted by talking coming from upstairs. I thought I was alone. The girls went out to lunch and Paul and the boys are at a photo shoot. I soon realized they were girls voices. They broke into the bus. How they heck did they do that? I jumped off of the bed, grabbed my phone and ran to the bathroom. i locked the door and called Niall.   "Niall, it's me, there's girls on the bus" I whispered   "Wha! Are you alright? Did they see you?" He said panicked.   "Yeah. I'm fine, and not yet. What should I do?" I asked him.   "Let me ask Paul, gimme a second" and he asked Paul what I should do.   "okay, Paul said we will be done in half hour and they have to leave. Can you try reasoning with them? If not, call the cops" niall repeated as Paul told him what to do.   "Yah, I'll try" I said nervously.   "Great, you'll be fine, don't let them scare ya babe, sorry you have to do this, I gotta go, I love you" he said.   "Love you too" I said and hung up the phone.    I opened the bathroom door and went upstairs. There were three girls looking through the boys stuff. Their backs were facing me and I crossed my arms and cleared my throat. The girls spun around and were shocked and a little disgusted to see me. I raised my eyebrows and one of the girls immediately started apologizing. "I'm so sorry, it was her idea! I didn't wanna do it!" She started crying. The other girl slapped her, "Sadie!" I sat the girls down on the couch and I made them give me the stuff they took. "Please don't arrest us" Sadie whimpered. I sighed as they handed me back the last item they took, Niall's guitar pick box. I stuck them in my pocket, "I'm not going to call the cops, as long as you do what I say." They all nodded quickly. I paced back and forth remembering what Paul said. "Your Niall's girlfriend aren't you?" The other girl whispered. I looked at her, "yeah" and smiled. The three girls eyes widened. "Im sorry, we should have never done this, it's just, the door wasn't locked and it was a bad idea, I'm sorry" the two girls agreed with their leader. I smiled back at them, "it's okay, I just hope you three don't get pounded by Paparazzi, you'd never hear the end of it" I tired to think of a plan. Then suddenly it came to me, "okay, this is what we're going to do."    I started explaining to the girls my plan but suddenly the door swung open. "hey, niall told me what was going on, i got here as fast i could." Jazzie said out of breath. I pointed to the three girls on the couch,"meet the intruders." The girls hung thier heads, it was obvious they were truly sorry. We started the plan. I took pictures with the girls and so did jazzie, we found the back door of the bus and ushered them out. There was no one there, but we pretened like we were helping the girls, just in case. The girls thanked us and oplogized a few more times before running off. I looked over to jaz and sighed, "well that was interesting. "
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