They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


33. Chapter 33

  "Niall wake up" I screamed and threw the phone down. I ran to his room and woke him up. "SHE'S OKAY! She's awake." Niall sat up speechless. "You mean.." He asked. I nodded. "Niall, your mums out of a coma" I said. His face lit up and we called Greg. We all headed over to the hospital. Niall took a deep breath before he opened the room door. "Hi mum" Greg said as we walked in. Maura was sitting up, bandaged, IV's attached, but smiling. "Hi" she smiled. Niall and Greg gave her a hug. "Come over here Katie" Maura laughed. I smiled and gave her a hug also. "I'm so glad you are ok" I said. Niall came over behind me and wrapped his arms around me. "This boy here was very worried bout ya" Greg pointed to Niall. "I'm gunna go call the group" I pulled out my phone and stepped into the hall.   "Hello, hey Danielle, it's Kaite."   "Hello girl"   "Guess what! Maura's okay!"   "Really? That's awesome! GUYS! Maura's ok now!"    "Yeah. just wanted to tell you guys" We will be heading home soon, so talk to you later"   "Ok, bye. Oh by the way. Jazzie has been dying here without you"    "Haha. I'll see her soon"   "Ok bye"       I hung up the phone and Maura was getting ready to be checked out. We helped her get back home and she insisted she was okay. We spent the next day making sure she was truly better, and she was. After dinner that night Niall and I flew home. While we were on the plane Niall suddenly freaked out. "Katie!" He yelled. "Shhhhh! What?" I whispered. "Your 18, I totally forgot! The day we flew here to visit mum, it was your birthday! Why didn't you say anything?" Niall said. I remembered how awful I felt that day. "Niall, well for one thing you wouldn't have heard me if I did tell you, you were so gone you didn't even eat. Besides, Jazzie and the girls and they boys called  and sang happy birthday. It's okay now, I'm just glad Maura's better" I held his hand reassuringly. Niall sighed and then thought of an idea. "Okay, well when we get back, we're gunna do something for ya" he smiled. "Fine" I sighed. Niall nodded and we talked as we flew back to the place the tour bus was. 
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