They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


31. Chapter 31

"Your'e flight leaves in an hour" Paul said and handed us the tickets. I took the tickets from his hand and put them in my backpack. "Should we go to the airport?" I asked niall . He nodded and walked out the door, I grabbed my backpack and quickly ran after him. Paparazzi and reports bombarded us with cameras and questions. Paul tried to make them go away, but they were ruthless. "Niall, why are you leaving?' "Are you quitting the band?" "What's going on" they yelled. I looked at him and he just got into the car, stiff and emotionless. I searched his eyes for a sign of any feelings, but found nothing. We sat in silence as we drove to the drop off. We hopped out and I said goodbye to Paul, "Try to bring him back, mentally" Paul whispered. "Trust me, I want him back too. Greg will help too, just, pray for him" I said helplessly. I waved and followed Niall onto the plane. It was going to be a very long flight. We weren't talking and we were both to upset to sleep. Every time I tried to hold his hand he flinched so I quit trying. I faced out the window and tried not to cry.       "Katie, how are ya doing?" Greg tried to smile as he gave me a hug. "Oh I'm holding up alright, but he's not" I choked back the tears. Greg gave Niall a hug but no response came from Niall. We walked to Greg's car and drove to Niall's house. I was last to walk inside with the luggage. "Here, let me help ya" Greg took my bag and took it to the guest bedroom. "I'm going to take him to the hospital, would you please come? He might not say this but, we all know he needs you there." Greg said. I nodded and the three of us drove to the hospital where Maura was. As we reached the building and walked inside, I felt the knot in my stomach grow larger. We walked to her room and opened the door. I took a deep breath and stepped inside. The steady sound of machines beeping mixed with the smell of the hospital room made me immediately sick to my stomach. Niall rushed to his Mum's side and he finally broke. Tears fell and fell and didn't stop. I sat stood in the back corner of the room and watched. Seeing Niall cry was like having your heart ripped out of your chest. You wanted him to stop but there's nothing you can do. I felt useless and felt like I was just in the way. I couldn't stop praying, "please, let her wake up" was all I could mutter through my tears. I watched as Niall finally became exhausted and Greg helped him to a chair. We all stayed in the room for a good hour and sat in silence. A nurse came in to speak with us. Greg went out of the room to talk with her. I came and sat beside Niall, even though he was my boyfriend, I still felt awkward and found myself at a lack of words. Niall finally spoke, "do you think she'll make it?" He asked me. I smiled because it was the fist time he talked and and made eye contact with me in the past  twenty four hours. I nodded, "honestly, I do think she's going to be okay." Niall sighed and sunk in the chair, "I really pray your right Katie".       "C'mon lets go home" Greg woke Niall up from the hospital chair. I opened up my eyes and saw it was late. Niall held out his hand and helped me up. I smiled and kept his hand in mine. We walked out to the car and drove home. "im gunna call em' and give them an update on Maura" i said as we pulled into the drive way. Greg and Niall walked inside and i stayed on the porch and called Jazzie.    "Hey, Its me"   "Hey, how are you guys?"   "were fine, maura's made no improvements though"   "oh, sorry, hows niall?"   "no better but no worse, just very reserved. He did hold my hand tonight, thats a big improvment"   "wow, thats crazy, normall he always is so sweet to you"   "well hes not being mean, hes just shut down"    "oh, okay, well, we miss you guys, give Niall hug from all of us ok?"   "okay, i gotta go"   "love ya, bye" I hung up the phone.
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