They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


30. Chapter 30

  I soon realized that I was not going to be able to sleep tonight. The roads were bumpy and something about being on the lower level of the bus, made me feels claustrophobic. It was about three in the morning and I slid open the room divider and walked quietly into Niall and Louis and Harry's section. I tried to slide open theirs but it was stuck, I finally forced it open but Niall woke up. "Katie? What ya doin' up?" He asked and sat up. "Can't sleep, I was trying to go upstairs but the stupid room dividers had other ideas" I whispered. "Shhhh, I'm sleeping, or at least, I was" Louis said. I apologized and quietly made my way through Zayn and Liam's section. Once upstairs I lay down and fell asleep on the couch.        ---   "C’mon let her sleep" someone said. "But I want to sit" I heard Harry pout. "Okay ill get her up" Jazzie said. "No!" Niall protested. I rolled over and sat up. "Okay, I'm up" I groaned. Harry sat down and spread out on the couch and turned on the TV. I shoved his feet off me and stood up and Jazzie sat down instead. "Sorry, bout that princess" Niall said and we walked over to the kitchen table. We got some breakfast and Eleanor came up and sat down beside us. "What's going on today Miss. El?" Niall asked. Eleanor looked at her schedule and said, "Team meeting with management." We finished breakfast and we got ready for the meeting. I was in our section and I pulled my suitcase out from under the bed. I looked through my clothes and got dressed. I went and did my hair and makeup. "Hurry up Katie!" I heard Louis knock on the door. "Lou, there's a toilet upstairs" I sighed. "Yes but I like this one!" He whined. I finished and opened the door. "Fine, it's all yours, enjoy." He laughed and said, "Thanks, I will!" And closed the door. I could tell the bus was stopped and niall came over and said, "Meeting time, hey do you think they will..... HEY!" He said and pointed to me. "What?" I said. Niall smiled, "you wore this to our MSG concert!" I smiled and nodded, he took my hand and we went up and saw everyone. Harry and Jazzie were sitting on the couch reading to a little girl. I immediately recognized her, Lux, baby Lux. Lux looked up and saw Niall. She jumped odd the couch and ran over. Niall squatted down and held out his arms. "Niawww" she said as he picked her up and spun her around. Niall have her a big hug and she kissed his cheek. "Princess, this is Lux" Niall said, "Lux, this is Katie" he smiled. Lux was a little shy but she said, "Are you a princess?" She smiled. I smiled and looked at Niall, he just smiled and put Lux down, "she's my princess" he poked her nose. She toddled back to harry and he scooped her up and sat her on his lap and Jazzie continued reading the little book.        "Come meet the boss" Zayn motioned me to come over. Zayn, Liam, Danielle, and Paul were talking to two men. Niall and I walked over. "Katie this is Will, our manager" Niall said and I shook Will's hand. "Nice to meet you miss, glad to have you part of our team" he smiled. Niall then said proudly, "and this, is Uncle Simon!" I was honestly a little nervous; I mean I knew who he was long before I knew about One Direction. "Hi Mr. Cowell, I'm Katie." I smiled and shook his hand. "Please, call me Simon, and friend of my boys, is a friend of mine" he nodded then walked off.        Jazzie and I spent another thirty minutes introducing ourselves to the rest of the team. Lux tagged along and followed us around. Eventually we all got in Taxis and drove to the studio and discussed the TMH tour. The tour officially starts in five days. That reminded me that my 18th birthday was tomorrow. Will and Simon handed Danielle and Eleanor the new tour schedule and times. They gave Jazzie and the stylist the book of new clothes and hair styles. Simon gave me some instructions on what to type on the website and now I was in charge of some "special" backstage footage that we were going to share on twitter. The meeting came to an end and we loaded back on to the bus. It was back to the nine of us and Paul on the bus. I felt bad because Paul's family decided to go home and stay there instead. Paul assured us not to worry about him and he said the boys are practically like family to him.    ---- Next Day ------     I went to my bunk and sat down to write in my journal. I just unlocked it when I heard the room divider slide open. "Hello there" Eleanor came in and sat down on her bunk. I smiled back and wrote about my day. I got up to go to the bathroom, but when I came back, my diary was missing. "El, where'd my diary go?" I asked her. She shrugged and kept reading her book. I heard laughing upstairs, I recognized it, and it was jazzes’ evil laugh. I sprinted up the little stairs and sure enough jazzie was reading my diary with harry looking over her shoulder. "YOU PUT THAT DOWN!" I yelled. Niall, who was sitting on the couch got a little curious and went over to look at it. I ran and jumped on his back, "don't you dare, Mr. Horan." Niall laughed, "Why, something you don’t want me to see?" he winked. "Well, no, It’s just, well, okay, maybe" I said shyly. Harry stood up and took my diary and started reading it out loud. "July 23, 2010" he yelled, I rolled my eyes and sat down. "Today there was this band that was formed on the X-Factor" Harry read the whole entry, which was very embarrassing, because I talked about who was the best singers. I ran downstairs and grabbed Jazzie's diary out of her suitcase and ran back upstairs. "give it back or I read from this!" I held her diary in my right hand and pinted at mine with my left. "you wouldn't" she gasped. I smiled and nodded and opened up to the date we both knew we were thinking about. "Dear Diary, Today i broke up with my boyfriend Jeremy. Ugh, how did i ever like him, hes so ugly. With his stupid curls and his ugly dimples." I lowerd the diary and jazzie was giving me the death glare. Harry stood up and pouted at jazzie. "oh really? and what do you think now?" Jazzie's face was bright red with embarasement. "okay, okay, here, you can have it back" she handed me back my diary and i proudly hander hers back. "Well i know to never get on your bad side" niall smirked. I shrugged and and winked. I looked back at Harry and Jazzie who were discussing his looks. "no, harry, i was just mad at Jeremy, i think your really cute, and i like your hair and dimples." He sighned and gave her a hug, "good" he said flashing a cheesey smile. I walked down to my bed and put back my dairy. "So, we never really heard who you thought was the best singer?" Niall said.  I smiled and said, "well, i always thought that liam, you, and harry were had the best vioces, but i mean, know that i know you guys personally, i cant say thatall of you are equally talented, but your my man so, your my favorite" Niall sat down beside me and took my hand, "thank you princess and you have a great voice, which reminds me, i was wondering, do you want to write a song with me?" I smiled, "really?" Niall nodded. "Yeah absolutely" I gave him a hug. "Great!" He jumped up and got his guitar.    ~   "I think we have a hit on our hands, what do ya think princess?" Niall winked. I smiled and nodded. Niall's phone started ringing and he went to get it. After few minuets I went to go see if everything was okay. When I found him he was on the floor, crying. "Hey, Niall, what wrong?" I kneeled beside him my hand on his back. "Mum, it's mum, she's hurt" he muttered. "What happened?" I helped him sit up and sat up against the wall. "Car accident, Katie, she's in a coma" he started to cry again. "Oh Niall I'm sorry" I choked up. I wrapped my arms around him trying to comfort him but with no success. "GUYS, GET DOWN HERE" I yelled. Everyone came rushing down and crammed into the small hall of bunk beds. I explained the story while Niall wept in my arms. I was so shocked I had no idea what to do. I stared at Danielle and the other girls, my eyes begging for help. The boys stood there in shock and then suddenly snapped back to reality. "Hey mate, I'm sorry" Zayn said. "Yeah, we're here for you" harry knelt down and gave Niall a hug. We all nodded as he looked up. "Could I have some space?" Niall whispered. Everyone slowly went back upstairs. I slid the room divider shut and looked back at him. He stared blankly at me, I could already tell, he was shutting us out.   I sat on the couch in between Louis and Liam, I had my hands covering my face and my head in my lap. "What should we do?" Jazzie said. "I honestly don't know" Liam sighed. I wanted to talk to Niall, but I also wanted to do like he asked and let him have his space. I didn't want him to go through all of this alone. "Who gave him the news?" Zayn asked me. "Greg" I sighed, I pulled out my phone and dialed his number. "Greg, yeah, it's me, Katie. So sorry, so what's the chances of coming out of her a coma? Oh, wow, okay. Um, yeah he's not doing so well. I'm trying, he won't let us talk to him. You sure? He won't get mad? Ill try, okay, bye" I hung up the phone and dropped it in my lap. "Well?" Louis said. "There is a possibility she could come out, but, not likely" I replied. Everyone sighed. "He did say for us to not let him go off like this, he wants me to go try to talk to him" I said nervously. "Okay, go ahead" Eleanor said quietly. I nodded and went down the steps and knocked on the sliding door. There was no answer so I went in slowly. "Hey" I whispered stood beside him. He was still sitting on the floor. I reached my hand down for him to take it, but he ignored it. I bent down and helped him stand up and sit on the bed. "I talked to Greg, Niall don't give up hope, she could come out of it." I said to him. He stared at the floor. "Look at me" I held his hand. He didn't move. "Niall, please, look at me, say something" I started to cry. "You can't shut me out like this, let us help you" I was bawling now. Without looking at me he pulled me close to him and we lied down. He buried his face in my neck. His breathing was shaky which made it obvious he was still crying. I held him close and tried to stay strong for him, but as we laid in each others arms, i couldn't help but cry. It was defiantly going to be a sleepless night.    Niall's head was tucked in my neck, his warm breath and heavy breathing told me he was finally asleep. I let him stay asleep and carefully wriggled out of his arms. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. I took a shower and just let the warm water wash away the pain. I didn't bother putting makeup on because nothing really mattered right now. I went upstairs and sat down at the table. Liam and Danielle were talking on the couch and Louis and Eleanor were holding hands talking on the couch also. Jazzie was on the other couch talking solemnly with Harry, who had his arms wrapped around her while they were both under a blanket. Zayn came sat beside me at the table. "By the looks of it, it was a tough night for everyone?" I asked him. "Yah, we're all shaken up by it, it's so hard to see Niall sad, especially crying" he said sadly. I nodded in agreement, "yeah I know, he finally ran out of tears and fell asleep about two hours ago." Zayn stood up, "want breakfast?" He offered. "Oh, um, sure, thanks" I tried to offer a smile. Zayn walked to the kitchen. "Ok, no problem, and you don't have to smile, it's a little hard right now, I understand" he said. I nodded and looked down. After Zayn made breakfast we all sat down at the table and ate. I whispered a prayer for Maura, before we ate. We were all silent through breakfast. When I was done I fixed a plate for Niall and took it downstairs. "Oh, hey, your up" I smiled at him and handed him the plate. "I'm not hungry" he said and handed it back. I started at him, if the circumstances were different I would have laughed. I sighed and put the plate on the dresser. I heard Niall's phone ding and I checked it. "Paul bought you a ticket for home" I said. Niall nodded then stopped. "Just one?" He asked me. "Well in the message it says that I could come." I sighed. Niall looked puzzled, "why didn't you say that the first time?" I put the phone down, "I thought you might not want me with you" I mumbled and stared at the floor. "Oh, well, I do, really, I need you with me" he said and pulled me in for a hug. It was empty but it felt good to be back in his arms. "Ready to go upstairs?" I asked. Niall stiffened up and nodded. I took his cold hand and guided him up the steps to face his caring friends.   
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