They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up to my best friend ripping the ear buds out of my ears. Instantly I remember they are Niall's and I go freaking ninja on her. Then I fully wake up. "Calm down freak" she giggles. I apologize for slapping her then sit my seat up to find Niall already awake, sitting Indian style with his hands in his lap. "Have a nice nap?" He says. I smiled and said, "How long was I out?" Jazzie chirps in, "you both were out a good two hours." Niall and I look at each other and laugh. That was the first time I had personally seen him laugh. It was the most amazing smile I had ever seen, remembering I still have his iPod, I quickly apologize for having it so long and then I handed it back to him. "You know, you could have just taken it back" I said. Niall looked and me then at Jazzie, "and risk getting slapped, I'm good" he winked. I was going to explain myself but I just decided it was fine. "Now who's hungry?" Niall blurts out. Jazzie and I looked at each other and started laughing, in my head I said to myself, haha aww that's my boy. Niall grabs the stewardess attention and requests any type of food. Harry buts in behind us and says, "make that 2" then each boy follows with a request for a snack. "How about you girls, ya hungry?" Zayn asks. I quietly respond "A bit, but we don't have enough mon...." "NONSENSE" Liam blurts out, "we've got it darling" and he pays the stewardess. Jazzie and I express our thanks and we strike up a conversation with the boys. We talked about their hometowns and Liam's turtles and how one lost its leg. The poor boy was very upset about it. After a bit Jazzie, Niall, and I got tired of having to turn around to talk to the other 4 so we turned back to face the seats, just in time too because our food had arrived. In my head I was thinking, does this count as a dinner date? And I’m pretty sure Jazzie was thinking the same thing too. I was thankful that Niall was such an avid eater, because I was starving and I wasn't about to not eat in front of him. So I ate the whole thing. Jazzie did the same, and thankfully we did, Niall leaned over and said, "Impressive" then winked at us.

"Just ask him" I whispered. "Are you crazy? No way!" Jazzie screeched. My friend was gutless.... Guess I had to do it myself. I turned around to face Harry and Zayn and Liam and Lou. "My friend here was wondering if she could come sit back there with you guys, *cough* *harry*, because apparently she's too cool for Niall and I” I said playfully. Harry laughed and said to the boys, "you heard the little lady, the Girl wants to sit by me, one of you moves." Harry joked. Zayn volunteered and switched places with Jazzie. While he was out of his seat I asked him to get my iPod, he reached up and handed it to me then, He came and sat down beside me. I smiled and then looked back at my phone. Just three more hours till we land. Zayn started talking to me, he asked about where I was from and what home was like. It was kind of neat to just talk to him without Fangirling inside. Niall, who was fast asleep, again, had started to slide down the seat. And judging by the direction of his head, any time now he would be on my shoulder. Just as I had predicted, niall's head was on my shoulder. Zayn was going to tell him to move, but I quickly insisted it was fine. He just looked at me and laughed. "What, I'm still a fan girl okay?" I smirked. Zayn just laughed it off and rolled his eyes. Inside I was jumping up and down and screaming but on the outside I stated cool. Jazzie sat up and said, "so I’m sitting by Harry Styles and Niall Horan is sleeping on my best friends shoulder, yeah, best day ever" she was totally right. Just as I was thinking about it, Zayn grabbed my iPod and started talking pictures. He snapped one of Niall sleeping, Jazzie and harry gave a thumbs up, a selfie and Zayn and I, Lou and Niall sat up and did bunny ears behind me, and then once Niall was awake we got a group shot. Then the boy all insisted they wanted a picture with us one at a time, I gladly agreed.
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