They Don't Know About Us

Katie and her best friend Jasmine go to a concert but something big happens before they get there that will change their lives forever. Katie goes through many hardships but ends up realizing they were all leading up to a good cause.


29. Chapter 29

    "Lets move, hurry up, c’mon Louis, Zayn, C'mon guys, were going to be late" Danielle rushed everyone out the door. We had the interview and video today. I grabbed my phone because I had to some picture taking for the blog and I was instructed to never let my phone leave my side. "I'm coming!" I yelled and closed the bus door. We got in the car and drove away. "So where is this at?" Jazzie asked. "Um, a studio in LA" Eleanor replied. Jazzie and I both got a text at the same time. We opened them up, *new message from M- All your supplies for hair and clothes are pre-set at the studio. Lu left instructions on your stylist app.* I closed my phone and opened up the stylist app. Sure enough there were pre planned outfits and hair styles. I was surprised at how perfect everything had to be, never the less, I was still excited to be part of the team. We got out and walked into the sign in, "One Direction and Team" Paul said and handed him the iD's. We got our passes and walked inside. The boys went to the dressing room and we got their stuff ready. I looked at the instructions on my phone; hair was first, and then clothes. Jazzie got started on Louis and I did Liam. Since he didn’t have any hairstyle that needed to be done all he had to do was a bit of makeup and he was good to go. The boys still weren’t used to the makeup and honestly I felt bad because they were embarrassed. Jaz seemed to be in her element, she was working with the hair making them look nice, and I just stood there and watched her. I took Liam over the clothing rack and handed him the outfit that their stylist already picked out. Niall and harry were next. The boys sat down on the chairs in front of us. Harry was about to make some remark about Jazzie doing his hair but she shot him the "don’t you dare or I will...” look. I pulled out my phone and looked at the hair style that was assigned to niall. I leaned down and whispered to him, "ill have you know, I have no idea what I’m doing." Niall took the phone, "okay, um, this one isn’t too hard, it’s my favorite actually, it doesn’t require hair spray" he laughed. I followed the instructions and with Niall's guidance we finished his hair. Jazzie took Harry over the clothing rack and handed him his shirt and blazer. He put them on and then she said, "eh, I don’t like that shirt, try this one" I glanced over at her then at harry, who had an amused look on his face."Seriosuly Jaz?" I joked. I handed niall his outfit and he kissed my forehead, "your doing fine, don’t be so nervous" he said. I looked up at him, "how could you tell?" I asked. He just smiled, and said, "Because I love you."           Once all the boys were done we went to the stage where the interview was being held. I pulled out my phone and opened up the blogging app I was told to use. I needed two pictures and a paragraph for the website. I snapped a group shot of the boys and one of Niall and Harry sitting beside each other. I sat down and listened to the interview and started working on the blog. Jazzie helped me write some info about the upcoming tour and new video. Once we had a good paragraph, I inserted the two pictures and sent it in a text to management for review. The interview was wrapping up and there was one question left. "Boys, why do you let your girlfriends come on tour with you, are they too clingy or something?" The interviewer asked. I was a little offended and I could tell Danielle was too. She looked at me from across the room and frowned. Harry answered the question first, "No, they are not clingy, we asked them to come" he said calmly. The interviewer wasn't impressed, "okay, well can they be annoying? There must be something you can dish out." The lady said trying to get the boys to talk. Zayn stood up and said, "This interview is over, thanks for your time." Niall and Liam stood up as well and Louis did the same. The interviewer called out, "um, have a nice day" she said. Liam turned around and shouted, "DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" Then he stomped out if the room. The lady called out, "well, drive safe!" Niall walked back to the lady, pointed at her and said, "No" then grabbed my hand and we let. As soon as we got back on the bus, I burst out laughing, Jazzie and Danielle and Eleanor were laughing too. "Haha, Liam, don't tell me what to do, haha that was brilliant!" I said to him. Jazzie smiled and said, "and Niall, haha, drive safe, no!" she laughed. Niall blushed and I hugged him, "thanks for sticking up for us guys" I said. Jazzie nodded in agreement. "Of course, we do anything for our girls" Liam said and held Danielle's hand. Paul walked onto the bus and we all expected a lecture, but all he did was rolled his eyes and laugh. "Least we got the video done first and the interview was almost over anyway" Paul said and sat down. We all agreed and Harry and Jazzie decided to make dinner. I said what Jazzie was thinking, "Get out of my kitchen!" Then I ran downstairs to my bunk before I got laughed at.   
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